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As a religion Jainism draws it origin from India where it has majority of followers, the religion has Hinduism background. The name of Jainism traces its origin from the word Jina which means conqueror, and among the 24 great people who Jains believe to have reached perfection was Nataputta Vardhamana also referred to as “the Mahavaria” the great man, who was the second son in an aristocratic family and it’s still uncertain to many whether he married or not but what is known is that he left home at the age of 30years to be a wondering holy man who engaged in asceticism like pulling of his own hair, being stuck by pins while mediating, enduring attacks from dogs and at the age of 42 years Nataputta Vardhamana overcame all the limitations of life.

Followers of the religion engage in ritual practices like puja that involves acts that are devoted to the 24 great beings, fasting and pilgrimage which includes visiting the village where Nataputta Vardhamana died and houses for bathing at the statues. Jainism uses holy writings which are the purvas, the angas and the upangas which is the latest sacred writing in Jainism. The books have received different reception in different branches of the religion which are Digambaras, Shertambaras, Sthanakavasis and Terapanthis which is the most recent branch of Jainism.

As part of the Jainism beliefs, the religion believes that the universe has always being in existence and life has two phases that involves bad and good period, the 24 great people come at certain phases of life to redirect the society. Followers of Jainism believe that suffering is part of human life, the existence of hell as place where sinners will get punished for their sins and the likes of Nataputta Vardhamana live in heaven up above the sky. The religion also believes in life after death and that souls are connected.

Thou Jainism religious beliefs do not agree with creation theories, the religion believes that its followers should have a free spirit, they should not engage in violent activities, tell no lies, decease from stealing for unjustified reasons and the faithful shouldn’t have any personal attachment to material things and family relations.

Jainism could be different in its beliefs and practices from other religions, but it has similarity with other religions in that it encourages generosity and spiritual liberation among its followers.


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