Lord Must not be Tempted

Jesus starved for forty days and nights this ravaged hishungerterribly much. Thedevilapproached him and said, “If you are the son of God, order this stones to turn into bread”. Jesus answered the devil by saying that human beings cannot live on bread alone but on everyutterancethat originates from theLord’s mouth. The devil took Jesus to the holy city of Jerusalem andsethim at the highest end of the temple. The devil again tried to tempt Jesus by suggesting that he should throw himself down for it is said in the Scripture: “God willorderangels who willtakeagripof you witharmsso that not even Jesus’ feetwill be hurtby stones”. To that Jesus said that the Lord must not be tempted.

Intent on misleading Jesus, the devil took him to the peak of a high mountain and showed him all the earthly kingdoms in their greatness. The devil then promised togiveall the kingdoms to Jesus on condition that he knelt to worship the devil. Jesus responded and told Satan to go away, for the scripture says, “Worshipthe Lord God and serve him”. In the desert, Jesuswas temptedlike any other human being, but he remained faithful to the Lord. Human beingsare challengednot to give in to temptations andcompromisetheir faith but rather to depend on the Lord forsupportandvictory.

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Through all the Gospels, Jesus portrays emotions like those of human beings. When Jesus listened to the centurion’sfaithfulwords, hewas impressed. The centurion’s servant sufferedso seriouslythat he could not move. Theofficerrequested Jesus to say a word tohelpthe sick servant heal. Jesus washappywith the officer’s words and humility. It is human to bepleasedwith words ofcourtesy,as Jesuswas pleasedwith the words of the officer. After much honor andpraisethat Jesus received from the officer, he remained humble andhelpfulto the officer. Through this example, human beingsgetthe challenge of beinghumbleto their juniors in all spheres of life.

Jesus showedmercyto those who lost their beloved ones, such as Mary, thesisterof Lazarus.Mary cried at the feet of Jesus saying, that if Jesus had been at their home, Lazarus would not have died.Seeing how Martha and other people at the home mourned, Jesus wasdeeplymoved, and he wanted toknowwhere thebody of Lazarus lay. The people moved the stone away as Jesus looked up saying, “I thank you father that you listen to me”.Jesus then called out to Lazarus and he emerged from the tomb.The dead man came out alive. Lazarus wore burial clothes and had a cloth over his face. Jesus requested the mourners to untie Lazarus and let himfree. The Lord Jesus showed emotions when he wept like many human beings during funeral ceremonies of their loved ones. By raising Lazarus from thedead in response to Mary’s sufferings, Jesus emphasized the need toofferconsolation. This is a challenge to human beings so that we mightassistour neighbors in times of their grief.

Jesus ishumanbecause he is not aware of thedayin which the Lord will come to judge his people. The Scripturesputit clearly that neither the angels nor the Son but only the Father. The hour resembles amanwho gives his keys to aservantat hishomeand goes away on a journey. The servant and thedoorkeepershould keep watch for nobody is aware when the owner of the house will get back. Human beingsgetthe challenge toliveupright Christian lives like Jesus did to avoid the Father’s finalwrath. Jesus is thepaththat leads to the Kingdom of God. Human beings are,therefore, required tolivelives ofunityand sisterhood in times ofhappinessandsorrow. Jesus Christ should also be themantoinspire awebecause the Father himself commissioned him. It might look difficult tofollow, but Jesus, the son of man, adhered to the commandments of God and emerged a victor. It is,therefore, absolutely crucialthat human beings relyentirelyon the Holy Spirit and prayer so that their lives may be a reflection of Jesus’revelationaboutourhumanity.


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