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Like other typical children the autistic goes to school, pursue their careers and become professionals. Some and especially those who do not have serious problems like loss of speech attend regular schools like the ordinary children. This means that with encouragement and understanding they can live a comfortable life just like any other child. Although it has no ways of preventing or curing it there are some key things to known so as to be able to control it. As a parent or the caretaker one should realize that there are some abnormalities in the development of the child and try to asses it. Then try to look for a solution by seeking medical intervention while still working hard to live with the situation. The best thing with autism is that each individual portrays some distinct signs (Frith, 2005). For example, lack of concentration or having a short term memory. This makes it easier to understand their weaknesses.

The new technology has introduced computer assisted instructions to make it easy the work of instructing the autistics (LaVeist,Relosa,Sawaya,&Lantum,2008). These children need instructions more often than anything else; they find computer instructions more comfortable than people’s since there are no embarrassments. They prefer spending much of their time with computers than they do with their parents or friends (Frith, 2005). These children learn almost as much as they would learn from their friends. Apart from instructing, computer also helps the child to derive the meaning of a comprehension without much difficulty, it gives an immediate feedback hence morale to the child when it is willing to participate. He does not get bored since the computer moves at his pace unlike in a class where either the teacher or the students sets the pace. (Silver & Oakes, 2001). Computers offer effects like sounds or pictures which holds the attention of the kinds hence making the sessions livelier.

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In connection to computers, there are other machines known as speech generating devices used to boost spelling among the autistics who do not speak. When a word is produced, the machine gives its pronunciation and shows the spelling on a screen. The rate of mastering the spelling is reinforced by hearing and seeing stimuli. A common behavior with the autistics is to repeat something for so long; the ordinary people find it so challenging especially the school instructors. Children can spend a lot of time working with these machines unlike their teachers hence they are able to develop their reading and writing skills (LaVeist,et al.,2008).

Computers and other machines may be very expensive for the common people to afford. However this does not mean that the children should be ignored as they have the need to acquire knowledge like any other child. These children need special education support by enrolling in schools with extra individual assistance. Their classrooms need to be well structured so as to provide a good learning atmosphere as their concentration and organization calls for more cultivation. It is better for autistics to train in special school where the instructors are trained skills of dealing with such people than a regular school where the autistic only struggle to fit in the group.

Apart from the schools there are other social places like support groups where the autistics can be taken for care and support to pursue their careers. Other projects like lifesavers project is meant to cater for people with autism; however this is for those with extreme symptoms like wandering. They put small transmitters to these people hence making it possible to trace where they are (LaVeist,et al.,2008).

The autistics have a problem with concentration completion of tasks and have a short term memory. These children calls for special understanding .They should be given jobs which do not take too long to complete so as not to loss concentration and leave it hanging or that which is easy for quick remembrance.

The children with relating or interacting problem can also be help to improve these skills. The personalities of these people differ. There those do not like talking but can play with people and not toys. To be able to socialize with them one has to know what they like and what they dislike and be able to follow their desires. The education syllabus should consider the social science as much as it does on the physical sciences. This is for the sake of the autistics that do have the socializing skills hence can only benefit in a formal context (LaVeist,et al.,2008).

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It is suggested that a learning environment for an autistic should include texts and pictures to improve the understanding and flow of the activities. The efforts should not be seen in school alone but also at home. The family members should participate in all aspects to help the autistic develop like any other child. They should make sure that they have known characters of the autistic since birth and make use of the information to help them.

Although autism has no cure some therapies can be done to enhance development of these kinds, for example, behavioral therapy may boost the child’s social abilities. The child should be taken to see a therapist who should teach them how to overcome challenges (Cohen-Barron & Bolton 2001). There are other therapies aimed to improve the child’s learning and communicating skills. This includes intensive preschool training and occupational therapy. Conclusion

Early cognitive and behavioral intercession can assist kids with autism to get social, self care and communication proficiency. Cure for autism has not been found but therapists and doctors can assist the kid to adjust to those difficulties they encounter by teaching them how to communicate .This can be done by using the sign language, pointing or pictures. All children suffering from autism can live happily if given full understanding and moral support by their teachers, parents, doctors and friends.


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