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The Protestant and Catholic Reformations


The following paper I going to discuss on the major contributions of the women in the transformation and the reformation of the Catholic and Protestant churches. The paper will also highlight on how the women contributions helped there /these respective churches to realize the present achievements. The paper will also highlight on the negative impacts of the church doctrines that were initiated in overseeing these reforms that are being experienced in the churches today.

Additionally, the paper will majorly highlight on the positive results of the church reforms to the women in the churches today; to a point of the women to be seen and respected for being the most important people in any society, yet in the past they have always been denied the opportunity of undertaking any significant role in the society. In real sense the women were denied the opportunity of expressing their ideas in the churches. This was seen as the major cause of the split of the Roman Catholic Church that was having strict doctrines that restricted the women from undertaking any leadership role in the church.

Citing that women as “ week creatures who are impatient, feeble , foolish and lack the spirit of council and regiment , they went to the point of stating that God didn’t talk or even interact with women in this works this being a clear indication that women are not supposed to talk in public or even hold any public position”. These differences in the Catholic Church are seen as a major reason that resulted to the division of the Roman Catholic Church, resulting to further and reforms in the church a, as the protestants recognized the women leading roles in the churches today while the roman catholic church never recognized women citing that they are weren’t mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

The Church Reforms on the Women

The Roman Catholic Church is said to be the oldest religion in the world and being a religious group that was formed many centuries ago it has many followers that have been keenly practicing its doctrines and practices without any questions and objection. The doctrines of the church resulted to conflict amongst the leaders and a section of the church; as some of leaders lead by Martin Luther in the 1520s introduced new set of leadership in the church that incorporated women in the top most senior positions. This was against the Roman Catholic Churches’ doctrines and definitely resulting to the division of the church as a section of the church members renamed with the Roman Catholic Church while another section joined Luther’s church and consequently, forming the Lutheran church also known as the Protestants.

The Catholic Church was in a position of denying the women the opportunity of leading the congregation in that the middle age period resulted to the women regarded as weak individuals; who were not able to reason properly in the matters that pertained to the leadership of the church or politically. This resulted to women being denied the opportunity of leading the church and this led to the division of the church in view of the fact that the new doctrines were aimed at ensuring that the clergy were supposed to marry and also incorporate women in the leadership of the church. This developed a conflict in the church and also some officials including Martin Luther and his partners to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Later on the Lutheran (Protestant) church succeeded in their activities as the women were given some leadership roles which they perfectly conducted making the church acknowledged in the society. They succeeded in crusading that both man and woman are Gods creations and are equal in front of him.

The Roman Catholic Church gave a lot of respect and honor to the virgins, while the Protestant church never gave the virgins much honor and instead they reviewed an individual religious life such as Obedience, Poverty and Chastity. They mainly argued that an individual was in a position of serving the Lord from the heart and not their physical appearance.

The church reforms also resulted to the changed doctrines that made the church achieve liberation of the women. This is because they were provided with the opportunity of making their own personal decisions and also holding major roles in the church. This still continues today as opposed to the middle age era; where every woman was supposed to be married and be under the leadership of a man. In this case the women were liberated from these church doctrines that denied them personal decisions; thus giving them the powers of deciding what is best for them as seen in today’s churches as most of the women aren’t married while a good number of them hold leadership roles in the churches.

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Religious practices had taken a great change as a result of the Roman Catholic Churches and the Protestant break up; there is experience where an individual is more open and influential to the public. This is in contrast to the middle age where the individuals were subjected to the almighty and the rules were strictly set in order to ensure that the catholic and Protestants practiced the recommended values and wishes of the church. However, the revolution resulted to the liberation of the followers; this is because the teachings and practices were not that strict and encouraged the close relationship between the followers and God.

In the middle age the Roman Catholic Churches and the Protestants placed a lot of emphasis on the king as the father of the household and family. Thus, they ignored the presence and the importance of the woman in the society and with time the influence and persecution of the woman took a sudden change. This is when the women were being involved in the church activities in attempts aimed at ensuing that there is a balance in the Christian community. Thus, they practiced the Queen Ship role which provided the women with some recognition in the churches.

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In conclusion today’s activities that are being encountered in our churches are as a result of the revolution that started way back in the mid 1520s. This is when Martin Luther stated the revolt that ended up splitting the Roman Catholic Church into two that includes the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants which were considered the oldest Christian churches in the world today.

These changes that were implemented in our churches resulted to the liberation of the women and the believers in these churches. The doctrines of these churches were very strict and demanding to the believers especially the women thus proving to be unfair to them as they were subjected to a lot of discouraging demands that made the fellowship people to be more demoralized in the practices of the church. The revolts that were introduced in the church were highly anticipated by the believers attending the churches since they yearned for freedom. And this consequently encouraged the people holding leadership roles to transform the churches more and more in order to accommodate the likes and wishes of their believers.


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