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Atheism can be traced back to the Ancient Greek and Roman Socrates when their philosophy was given the position and attention that people give religious groups. Epicurus was the earliest atheist who rejected the myth of life after death and that the gods that existed (if any) were not interested in the affairs of man. They were labeled the materialists and were contradicted by the Neo-Platonist and the Stoics.

The Roman government recognized religion and anyone who did not subscribe to it was guilty of capital offence and was liable to accusations by the state. Socrates was accused of refusing to acknowledge the existence of the gods respected by the state. Even early Christians were persecuted for accusations of subverting the state religion and were treated as atheists. This war was waged as a political mechanism for eliminating the rebellious minorities.

Judaism has advocated the belief in the one god and the religion is monotheistic nature. However, some aspects of atheism are implicated to be under the atheistic influence. One who claimed that God died and failed to rescue Jews was imprisoned for three years. He add that God broke his covenant with the people and that Jews should still hold on to their moral identity and the statutes that was provided by God.

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There can be no moral absolutes if there is no supernatural mandate demanding it as morality will become relative. What mandate do we have to pursue Al Qeeda, what proof do we have to show that our morality is superior to those embraced by Nazi Germany? The absence of religion will not only lead to a rejection of absolute values but to a rejection in the belief of universal and objective moral law. This will lead to nihilism. Truth now becomes subjective, if Al Qeeda by their understanding of morality is right, and the Nazi’s by their definition of truth is right, and we the United States is right in going after Al Qeeda the impossible becomes possible.

The atheists from the Judaism religion have taken a humanistic angle of reasoning and identify with Jewish culture and background for the sake of the same and not the belief in the existence of God. The Jewish Reconstructionists adhered to some form of worship but dismissed the images that men have created of God from idols and other forms. They solve this by denying the existence of God.

Christianity value the existence of God as the religion to be followed and any one who holds a deferent opinion is sinful. Scriptures inn the Bible states that atheists are fools and that lack of belief in God is rewarded by condemnation. This results from people loving darkness more than light and therefore atheists love darkness more than light. They detest those who do not respect the deity of Jesus and are considered evil because of their disbelief.

At the end of time, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and so whether one choose to believe or deny the existence of God, they will one day come to the realization of the truthfulness of the Christian God as they reap the fruits of their disbelief.

Islam on the other hand believes in their god Allan which they claim to be the same as the one that Christians worship, and the last prophet of Allah being Muhammad. They describe atheist as kafir is used to refer to ne who conceals or denies the fact of God’s existence as well as the ones who worships many gods. Denial of god is one of the paramount transgressions and one implicated in such is considered a blasphemer and should be disconnected to Muslim community. Atheism is known as heresy but the Quran has not given any punitive measure towards those who have categorized themselves in these groups. History has revealed persecutions of atheists in Islamic countries and in most cases those who subscribe to it do it silently.

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Hinduism holds that there is some evidence of the existence of a higher being. However, there are schools in the writings of Vedas inn the teachings of Hinduism that have atheist tendencies. These hold that there is existence in cosmos in two forms the physical and the spiritual. The aim of life is to have the knowledge by the separation of the spirit from the physical. The two clauses profess that there is no god in reality these reveal forms of atheism. The opposing ideas in the clauses make God’s existence an illusion. Some schools of thought believe that the physical exists and life is for the purposes of enjoying the physical aspects. There is no soul, God or life after death.Buddhism also has tendencies similar to those in the Hindus religion. Some clauses conflict and propagate atheist doctrines.

In conclusion, the atheists are criticized in angles ranging from the fronts of the murders and injustices to humanity. Their arguments favor God’s existence and their positions are simply untrue. In addition, they have never proved that God does not exist despite their claims since they have derived them from the major religions. They have been associated with immorality and evil which they seek to be accepted by the society. This ahs earned them negative reputation from the general public. Modern science also dismisses their critiques of religion.

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Closing ones eye towards the sun does not mean the sun is absent however much one may deny its presence.


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