Globalization and Culture

The major fundamental effect of the globalization process has been noted in the manner in which the cultural practices of global communities are undertaken. The integration of the world communities means that “assimilation” of cultures is likely to occur (Balko, n.d). As shown in this paper, it is evident from the examples given that globalization indeed has a very pertinent effect on human cultural identity.

Globalization and the Chinese Culture

Globalization has embraced many Chinese cities.  Prior to the globalization, Chinese people and the whole nation were known to function according to the traditions, respect of heritage and the devotion to their culture. This fact was apparent through adherence to specific holidays, traditional clothing, festivals, music and foods that were unique in China. Chunese people observed the cultural heritages that include opera, dance, and arts, performed in a unique way. All these factors were distinguishing their tradition, and the children were taught to observe them (Akatsuka, 2013).
However, with both direct contact and other influences, China has adopted the western style of living now. Though the Chinese may have been influenced slowly without realizing it, its effects can be felt. For instance, it is usual to find a teenager wearing the same type of clothing as those of an American teen. Their hairstyle may be the same too, something that was never seen initially (Grew, 2013).

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Saudi Arabia and the Globalization Process

Perhaps the Saudi Arabia scenario presents one of the most interesting examples of just how strong the forces of globalization can be. Considered a highly patriarchal society, the Saudis have practically barred the women from the steering wheels. The females were not allowed to drive at all. This situation is gradually changing after the Saudi government yielded to pressure of the global community to allow at least women who are above 30 years old to drive. This fact is a clear manifestation of change in cultural practice because of the pressures of the globalization process.

Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia: Critical Analysis

The women question in Saudi Arabia has been a very controversial topic. Relegation of women to housewives in the society has frequently received international attention. Luckily, influential groups from the Western world have been critical in ensuring that Saudi Arabia demonstrates gender inequality in all its undertakings (Oonk, 2012).
The American society, through the human right organizations, has been engaged in a lot of activities to pressure the ruling class of the Saudi Arabian society to take gender issues seriously. The clamor for equal opportunities to drive was followed up by the Saudi women after noticing that females from the Western world were at liberty to drive. Incidentally, they got support from the Western societies (Henderson, 2014).

The influence was intentional. The media from all over the world wanted to explain women all around the globe that they have equal rights to be engaged into activities considered to be masculine. The Saudi women intentionally allowed themselves to adopt the new wave of civilization, and that is the why they had to start demonstrations so as to be granted the same rights. It is quite evident that this influence is very positive within the Saudi society.
Granting women their right to drive cars adds a lot of value to the society in terms of economic capacity, and thus it is admissible that this kind of change was very profitable. It is also reasonable to admit in this work that the type of change in the culture of the Saudi Arabians is very direct (Balko, n.d).

Response from the Natives

The change expected has not been fully achieved. There are still a lot of preconditions before one is capable of deserving a right to drive. While the natives seem to have accepted these new provisions, the conservatives seem to be shilly-shallying over the idea of allowing females to drive. The Saudi women are still fighting to make driving more liberal for the womenfolk.


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