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Global poverty and hunger, unemployment, mental illness, racism, and illiteracy are only a few global problems that appeared due to scientific breakthrough. Today’s science is powerful and compliant in the hands of people who are both educated and technology savvy. However, most people cannot make benefit from all those goods of science, because they are illiterate and have no access to information. Actually, science triggers problems which it will have to solve later. Global poverty and hunger, illiteracy, and energy crisis are caused by the development of science, but scientists are convinced it is possible to solve them by scientific methods.

First, many people all over the world suffer from malnutrition and hunger, because agriculture and biotechnology fail to provide people with food. Sources are not distributed reasonably because of economy reasons. A majority of the best fertile soils on earth are used to grow tea, cocoa, and tobacco, which are non-food goods. Many acres of potentially best agriculture land are used to pasture cattle. Farmers use lands, water, and energy sources inefficiently. More than half grain grown in the U.S. is used to feed domestic animals, while it could feed a great number of people who suffer from food shortage. Agricultural Practices reports that farmers have noticed an increase in soil erosion, which reduces fertility. Arable land is destroyed by over-cropping and drought. To eliminate hunger, it is needed to improve farming practice. Canadian agriculture workers started devising a plan to avoid global hunger. They created a new manner for farmers to breed nutrient-rich insects for food in areas which are affected by drought. Genetic modification will save people from starvation, but there is a risk that financial benefits from it will flow to the biggest agricultural companies, and local agricultural farmers will be at disadvantage. There are plans for using fertile soils reasonably to benefit from them. Scientists are sure that there are many chances to eradicate global hunger by using modern technologies.

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Second, energy crisis, which is a side effect of developing physics and electric power, is a real problem. It is dangerous, because the earth’s demands are decreasing as they are limited, but, at the same time, people’s demand rises. It takes hundreds of thousands of years to renew them. Scientists say that this issue is based on defective science and politics. One cannot have rising demands on limited sources. Poor infrastructure is one of the reasons of energy crisis. Majority of energy providing companies continue using old equipment that limits the production of energy. Thus, the infrastructure is needed to be upgraded. It is necessary to set high standards of performance. The energy crisis is an extensive and tangled topic, since it is an ongoing process, which is getting worse. Many countries experience a big delay in commissioning power plants that can meet the demand for power. Today old plants work under huge stress to fulfill daily demand for energy. Industrial society needs more and more energy to develop. Coal remains the most popular choice to produce energy. Most of energy comes from non-renewable sources. At the same time, renewable energy is not widely used in most countries. Renewable energy can diminish people’s dependence on fossil fuels. Due to renewable energy sources, it becomes possible to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Some scientists state that very soon a so-called “reverse engine” will use solar power and carbon dioxide to fabricate oil. Using renewable energy sources, mankind will meet growing demands (Ad Hoc Panel of the Board on Science and Technology for International Development, National Research Council, 1992).

Third, illiteracy is a scourge of third-world countries nowadays, because sociology and politics ignore this problem, which deters poor countries from developing. Sociologists claim that the main reason of illiteracy in those countries is a disadvantage posed on country life. All adults that live in rural territories are involved in agriculture, and thus they do not have time to get education. Government should give farmers a reason to become literate. It should be an important element of their working life. The lack of funds and attention to literacy programs by the government is a crucial factor. Authorities at the federal, state, and local levels do not emphasize literacy among people as a high priority. Sociologists declare that the problem of illiteracy among third-world countries can be solved by encouraging farmers to become literate, which can be done by making education a necessary part of their work. Policymakers should assign significant funds to spread literacy among people. They should understand what it really means to be educated. A national standard should then be established. Progress needs education. Governments of third-world countries are busy with improving literacy, because the technological advancement is impossible without adopting literacy. Illiteracy is the main reason of underproduction, malnutrition, and poverty in the third-world countries. The United Nations’ educational, scientific, and cultural organization counted that about eighty-four percent of population of the third-world countries are illiterate. Having knowledge and skills enables people to participate in social activities. Policymakers need to encourage literacy through programs to enable people survive in the modern world (Mayo, 2004).

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In conclusion, science plays an important role in progress, and technological breakthroughs are impossible without modern technologies. Sometimes, science is responsible for global social problems, such as poverty and hunger, energy crisis, and illiteracy. There are many possible variants to solve all those problems. Now it is a right time to concentrate on resolving global social issues to save the earth. Thus, urgent actions should be taken immediately.


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