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Writing an interview essay that does not simply summarize a conversation but tells a life lesson is not easy. However, an interview writing assignment is a manageable task as long as you follow the requirements. In case the professor does not provide the students with an interview essay prompt, picking up a good topic becomes their responsibility. Keep in mind that interview essay writing is different from everything else you have written because the subject is going to be a human being. Selecting whom to interview is yet another challenge. Not only should this be an expert who will help you gain valuable insight into the topic of your choice, but he/she should also be capable of dedicating at least an hour of their life to talking to you. Therefore, pay particular attention to these two aspects – selecting a topic and choosing a person to interview – as they will determine the success of your future interview essay. If you need help with the interview essay as a whole or with any stage of it, do not hesitate to contact professionals.

Let’s recap what we know about an interview essay paper thus far. You should keep in mind:

  • The topic of the interview
  • The interviewee
  • The list of questions
  • The approach to writing
  • Date and place

The Best Interview Essay Tips

Since interview essays are different from the types of papers you are already familiar with, you should learn the writing procedure from A to Z. Here’s a great step-by-step guide you can follow:

  1. Select a topic that is both interesting and known to you;
  2. Do some research to become more knowledgeable about the topic;
  3. Create a list of questions for the interviewee. Remember that they have to be formal;
  4. Contact the person you would like to interview and set up a date and location. Make sure they are comfortable for the interviewee;
  5. During the meeting, use a notebook or a recorder;
  6. Create an outline and then write the paper;
  7. Read and edit the essay.

If you still do not know how to write an interview essay that meets the professor’s expectations, you can order custom interview essays or any other type of paper from professional writers.

Top Four most Common Interview Essay Types

  1. Narrative Essay

You should decide on the essay type before the interview because it influences the questions you’ll be asking. Two most common formats include: narrating a story that is based in the interview or keeping the questions-answers format.

       2. Leadership Essay

The title of this essay type is self-explanatory – choose this type is you are interviewing someone to learn about their leadership. It would be great if you could find some maverick who can share their approach with you. However, leadership essays have inherent risks – people of this level are usually very busy, so making an appointment might be next to impossible. If you do succeed, however, be sure to carefully record all the answers. Face-to-face interviews are the best but you can try arranging a Skype or telephone conversation if you do not have other choice.

       3. Career Interview Essay

This type of essays is an excellent opportunity to learn about the peculiarities of the job you are interested in. Take your time when choosing your interlocutor – this might be your chance to discover what’s happening behind the scenes of your dream job. Besides, you can also use this opportunity to learn more about the application procedure, the interview, etc., which will make you one step ahead of your competitors in the future.

       4. Personal Interview

Frankly speaking, this is the easiest interview type. It is better to keep the questions-answers format. Choose three most interesting ideas you heard during the interview and make them the central points of your story. Draw the outline around those points and then extend the essay by including some additional information. Next, you can develop a timeline to reflect the most meaningful events in the life of the person, thus illustrating his/her growth.

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Now that you know that writing an interview essay is a time-consuming process, you might wish to find a magic way to save time but still get your interview done. Luckily, you can buy a custom written interview essay online. If you feel like you need professional assistance, you can always contact a trusted custom paper writing services. Getting interview essays has never been easier. Make an order and receive your well-written piece right when you need it regardless of topic and discipline.

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