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Plagiarism is realized when you copy and imitate the work of another person. You may ask, “Can plagiarism be detected?” The answer is, and emphatically, yes! Given that teachers in universities and many other institutions of learning know that there are many easy-access to online information in the internet, in magazines, books and newspapers, plagiarism has become a key concern to them. They have been very strict in making sure that students provide original works free from plagiarism.

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Submitting a Non – Plagiarized Essay Is Very Important for All Students

Professors and teachers have established ways of evaluating student papers’ originality. They include but not limited to the following:

  • Websites for assessing student papers – for instance has been widely used by teachers to upload written works by their students.  This site allows them to get membership and then be granted unlimited access to the services and be in a position to check all papers. Through in a click of a button, teachers are able to ascertain the originality of the written custom essay as submitted by students tracing the origins from which the whole or part of the content has been copied form. This helps in telling whether the student turned in an original paper or not.
  • Downloading detection programs – this enables teachers to own plagiarism detection software making it possible for them to check written papers at any time they please. For instance, Eve2 is available for only $30. 
  • Manual plagiarism check- looking at references, bibliography and in-text citations, it is easy to tell the quality of a specific writing. Also, it is easy to exude copied sections of the work.

Teachers have had a lot of experience and long history of checking papers as the key examiners to ensure that students submit non – plagiarized essay. Therefore, it is a very easy task for them to define whether a paper contains plagiarism or not. Citations and the manner in which the work has been referenced are very useful in telling whether a paper is original or not.

It is very tempting to copy the work of others. It merely assumes the submission of a particular research which is done effortlessly. All the same, it is great risk and can amount to a big loss if detected to have been plagiarized. Plagiarize is a crime. You can be punished by law for plagiarism. This way, you will find it prudent to submit original essays only. Students must therefore learn how to submit non – plagiarized essays.

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