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Do not you know how to write a dissertation conclusion? That is the thing the majority of students have a difficult time with nowadays. The key reason is that many students are busy with the main body or the introduction and thus little or no attention is provided to the conclusion chapter. Let us consider why this chapter is so significant. However, before we commence discussing the importance of such a dissertation chapter, we would like to mention that you can always refer to Essays247.com for professional dissertation conclusion writing assistance.

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Why Is a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter of Great Significance?

A concluding part is the final section of any academic work. It is supposed to clearly summarize everything you have been arguing on or proving in your work. Any solid and strong dissertation conclusion chapter:

  • Helps future readers to feel like the work has been finished in a logical way without any open or unclear arguments left.
  • Allows the readers to put their minds at ease when they find themselves either disagreeing or agreeing with your outcomes or considerations.
  • Assists you in checking off each detail that you were eager to indicate.
  • Should summarize arguments that have been clearly mentioned and explained in detail in previous chapters.

In some papers, the concluding part is combined with the discussion. However, when it goes about dissertations, those are two separate units. To know exactly what to write in each of them, it is necessary to know the difference between them.

Conclusion Chapter Discussion
  • More generic in nature
  • Includes general statements
  • Reports on the key findings
  • Shows the relation between the research findings and research aims
  • Synthesizes all principal points of the study
  • Explains how the obtained research findings can be applied
  • More specific
  • Reiterates a research question
  • Discusses the subject in detail
  • Provides detailed information about the key findings
  • Interprets the obtained findings and shows whether they support the hypothesis
  • Provides information about the implications of the research findings and the limitations of the conducted study

The final section of your work should not be the copy of the discussion chapter. It serves its own purpose. You may use some well-prepared dissertation conclusion examples to see how such section should be arranged. Alternatively, you may contact us for custom dissertation conclusion writing help. Our experts do know how to write a dissertation conclusion chapter properly.

Writing a Dissertation Conclusion Is Simple if You Know How to Do It

So, you may ask what a strong dissertation conclusion section should comprise. It should comprise a summary of all the key points of your entire work, as well as a clear reminder of the pieces of evidence and references. Moreover, you should provide a quick outline for other researchers who would like either to conduct the research similar to that of yours or to take a bit different step from yours. Take into consideration that as a PhD student, your piece of writing is supposed to make your mentors and other readers feel like it is a significant contribution to the academic community. It is a crucial point that should be considered because it is one of the leading criteria that your academic program expects of you. Keep in mind that your conclusion should not be more than 5-7 pages, depending on the word/page count of your dissertation. It should neither be a repeat of your previous chapters nor should it provide new arguments or pieces of data or information.

As to the structure of this section, it is the following:

  • Synopsis of the key findings;
  • Answer to the research question;
  • Address of the research aims;
  • Information about the role of the study;
  • Outlining of the limitations and weaknesses;
  • Recommendations for future investigation.

Pay attention that some of the listed points may be covered in the discussion section (as it is highlighted in a previous table). So, make sure you know exactly what information your concluding section should include. In case of some doubts, it is better to ask your professor for clarifications.

Note that you can easily find a number of dissertation conclusion examples on the Internet, but if you are still not sure how your final section should look like why not ask for the best dissertation conclusion writing assistance from our academic writing service – Essays247.com – and our professional writers?

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How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter

Now, when you are fully aware of the peculiarities of a conclusion of a dissertation, it is time to start writing it. We have compiled a table that contains useful tips for you to consider:

Steps Description

Create an introductory part

You should tell readers what to expect from this chapter. The opening part of this section is not a summary of the entire chapter. So, keep it brief. A couple of paragraphs is enough.

Outline the findings in the relation to the research aims

Explain the role of your findings in terms of achieving the set research aims. Here, you may even remind your readers of what the research question and research aims are.

Highlight the contribution of your

Inform readers about the value of your investigation. Tell how it solves the addressed problem and whether it confirms the theories it relates to.

Mention the limitations of your investigation

Make sure you do not repeat the information provided in the discussion section. You may talk about the lack of equipment, budget limits, time constraints, etc.

Provide recommendations for further study

Explain how other researchers can develop the matter in question.  You may also mention new questions raised by the study you have conducted.

Write the closing part

This part of your concluding unit should outline the points it touched on. Avoid introducing any new details.

Seems complicated? Do not worry! At Essays247.com, you can get the best dissertation conclusion writing help. We know how to clearly show the connection between the set research aims, research questions, and the obtained results. We know how to produce the final section that will motivate readers to keep exploring the matter under consideration. So, do not delay using our services if expert assistance is what you need!

Good Dissertation Conclusion Examples: Helpful Phrases to Consider

The best way to understand how to write a dissertation conclusion chapter is to concentrate on your research aims. Additionally, ask yourself a question, “What do I want to show with the help of my study?” Answering it, it will be easier for you to construct this section. There are also the phrases that are usually used in the concluding chapter. To facilitate the writing process, we have prepared the examples of the phrases which you may use while producing the final section.

At the beginning of the concluding part, you may use:

  • Considering the nature of the investigation, it can be summed up…
  • Taking the aforementioned points into account, it can be concluded…
  • Eventually, the conducted study is directed at…
  • Finally, the study determined the core ways of…

It is worth emphasizing one more time that you should begin the final chapter of your work referring to the research aims. In case you see that you don’t know how to start this section or what tone to apply, you may look for a good dissertation conclusion sample. However, a much better option would be to ask our professionals for custom dissertation conclusion writing help.

Need Professional Custom Dissertation Conclusion Writing Help? We Are Always at Your Service!

Dissertations are very complex papers. Not every student can succeed in producing such scholarly projects since they demand much attention and time, sound knowledge of the topic and the requirements that have to be met and, of course, remarkable research skills, not talking about the writing talent. If you find it hard to cope with your assignment, hire one of our experts.

We have many professional and experienced specialists in our team who can always help in finding solutions to all your writing problems. Our highly qualified writers are fully familiar with the process of writing different types of academic assignments and know exactly what requirements and criteria should be followed while writing a dissertation project. They hold advanced academic degrees in different fields of study, which means they can discuss any topic fully. When you use our writing services, you purchase nothing but a well-written and properly constructed paper. Enjoy our cooperation knowing that your expectations will be met!

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Why Address Us for a Dissertation Conclusion Chapter?

It is no secret that a large number of online companies offer writing services. Nevertheless, not all of them can be trusted. As to Essays247.com, we are the agency that has gained a great reputation over the years of our operation on the market. We are known for providing quality writing services in all terms. However, quality is not the only aspect, which our agency is famous for.

The main advantages of cooperating with our company are indicated below:

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Essays247.com secures privacy and confidentiality. We never share personal information or data of our customers with other uninvolved parties. You can be sure that our cooperation will remain absolutely confidential.

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Easy Steps in Purchasing a Dissertation Conclusion from Us

The process of ordering assignments from our company is rather simple. It won’t take much time. The steps, which you should take, are described below:

  1. Provide clear and detailed instructions. Indicate your deadline, word count, topic, number of sources, formatting style, as well as the academic level.
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Now, your assignments won’t bother you anymore. At Essays247.com, you can find a highly skilled and properly qualified specialist for any type of work, dissertations included. Someone may say that it is possible to find some free samples on the web and use them to write your own paper. However, even the best dissertation conclusion example won’t help you handle your project effectively if writing is not your strong point. So, contact us and be sure of getting great help from our superior team. Besides, the prices we charge are reasonable.

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