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The films are cast in small villages which are used to magnify the effects of oppressive regimes. In the film, official story, Roberto is used to show how people in authority and rich people influence the issues in a country especially against the poor majority. They represent small stories that have a bearing on the wider society. The two stories though short, show through characters, the oppression people in the society go through and the hand of merciless government regimes. It is used to show how the government will use all it resources to further its ideologies no matter how inhuman they might seem to be, just as they were determined to recruit young boys into the army. The impact of the cumulative small details builds slowly to a climax that culminates in the liberation of the oppressed few. The story of the bishop who wants to change the nation for the good of all people can be  used to magnify what is expected of all the bishops. This is used to raise the need for political change in a large scale in the country. The story also help to magnify the responsibility of each and every responsible citizen and educate them to be concerned about what is happening around them.

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Why make these films?

The films were made to pass the message to people in the society. It was used to express the themes of the two activities. The films were made to tell of a story and inform the audience about the people who were going through a lot of difficulties in their daily lives. Films are good since they are visual unlike books where one has boredom when reading books. Also the films were made in order to capture and store an important period in life.

Why tell these stories?

These stories are told so that we can learn from them, we learn from the mistakes and in the future we avoid such circumstances. Film will be used as a reflective device to show the society the history of thought process, of ideologies and of action taken by man in his quest for a better future. The films are used to show how a certain group of people thought at a particular period of life and the consequences of their actions. The films are also used to initiate change in the society. In the film, official story, Alicia is used to change his husbands’ attitude against other citizens although they kind of disagree in the end of it all.

Why do these filmmakers and/or you believe it is important to remember; to keep these stories alive?

It is important to keep these stories alive because they are a reflection of the past so that they can be used by generations to come. Also every story has a gift for different listeners and therefore by keeping these films they will be appealing and they will educate a huge mass of people around the world, both the old and the young. It is also important because once a story is told in a visual context, it is always well understood than when one just sits and listens a story teller.


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