Overview of Ethical Analysis

According to Albom, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) is a terminal disease. In his book “Tuesdays with Morrie”, Albom uses this condition to signify the turning points in our life and justify various issues that human beings go through in life. These are seen in the lessons that he undertakes on Tuesdays with his old professor Morrie who is in his later days as he is suffering from ALS.

A condition such as a disease especially a terminal one, may mark the beginning of change in life. However, one has to accept the reality and move on. Decisions have to be made depending on the nature of the condition. Thus, Albom uses Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), a terminal disease to exemplify issues pertaining life. These issues are stipulated in the “lessons” that he had with Morrie for about fourteen Tuesdays. Most of the issues were from real life experiences.

Analysis of the Topic

After 16 years of separation, Morrie and Albom finally come into a reunion. The major cause of their reunion is simply because Albom sees Morrie on a television being interviewed. Unfortunately, Morrie is at this time suffering from a terminal disease, ALS. Albom uses this statement to argue various issues about life.

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Thus, the prevailing topic in the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Albom is relationship and love. It is love that makes Albom commute every Tuesday to see his dear lecturer in his later days. He argues that one of the most crucial aspects in life is to learn how to love and how to let love in.

For fourteen Tuesdays that Albom visits Morrie, all the lessons in one way or another addresse the virtue of love. It entails an ethical issue where acute decisions have to be made. The nature of crises will, however, determine which direction our life will take. His dear lecturer is suffering from the disease as he learns from the television interview. The book “Tuesdays with Morrie” explores various aspects about our lives. For example, Albom addresses the struggle that exists between our desires and what we cannot have. Understanding of one’s identity is paramount as it helps one to solve the crises and accommodate the change. It calls for therapeutic interventions where we have to take a particular approach in our lives.

Symbolically, ALS is like a burning candle. It is characterized by melting of nerves beginning with legs moving up. With time it leaves you like a pile of wax. One looses his control of muscles finding it hard to stand. In short, ALS is a fatal disease that takes a maximum of five years from the day one contracted the disease. This is the condition that Morrie was going through.

Nevertheless, as Albom puts it, Morrie made a profound decision of not sitting back and consoling himself to the grave. Indeed, he was not ashamed of dying. He resolved to take death as final project for the days he remained with. He embraced a moral value that everyone is going to die but what matters is how one utilizes his or her days. Moreover, the “Tuesdays with Morrie” also analyses historical, political as well as legal aspects. In the first lesson with Albom, Morrie deliberates several issues affecting the world based on their historical development.


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