Past and Future Scientific Positions

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Personally, I feel sidelined and duped into believing the projections put forth by scientists across the globe. These scientists, in one way or another, have instilled element of fear which has decreased human being’s hope for future survival. These standing points have not in any way helped people plan and invest wisely. For instance, the projection that the world’s sustaining capacity to human beings was deteriorating proves terminal, since it is a standpoint which diminishes human being efforts of taking good care of the environment for future generations.

Notwithstanding, to believe that the world would over-populate in 11 years to come depicts inadequacy on the part of scientists and raises inhumane questions. It is suggested that the world various governments embark on imposing policies in order to reduce population growth. It is a heinous thought to even have these scientists advocate for compulsory abortion for families which exceeds two children (Johnson, 2009). In particular, I am concerned with the level of trust of citizens as well as their respective leaders put on these “prophets of doom”. Further, I am of the opinion that with failures of projections made by these so-called scientists, they should be subjected to losing their credentials in the field of practice and their reliability in matters science put on hold.

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Also, it is detestable that these “questionable scientists” access vast medium publicity upon which they use to portray their respective messages of disaster. It is irrational that these scientists have year-in-year-out subjected people to stay alert on matters of insignificant basis let alone infringing on people’s trust in which they switching in between projections to suit certain current conditions. The fact that the cycle upon which global warming and cooling has been left to linger on people’s mind is in itself illogical and does not meet the goal, upon which it developments, was established to attain. Surely, the move by such organizations as governments and United Nations to stay aloof and observe as people are duped into believing erroneous facts is questionable and appalling in that matter. These organizations are expected to act as a people’s watchdog and are expected to protect them from disbeliefs which cause more harm than benefits.


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