The Culture

Culture portrays the difference between the life norms of various groups Culture involves appreciating god art, music, and literature. Cultural traditions and values differentiate various societies. People who share similar language, beliefs, and traditions belong to the same cultural setting. The gender roles differ according to the different cultures. People from the different cultures share different ideas about the appropriate behavior according to gender. For instance, some cultures have accepted the relationship between men. People have different dancing styles according to their cultures.

Dancing as a form of communication was used to portray the different aspects of life in certain cultures. For example, African dance interprets certain occurrences in their society. These cultural dances can also be differentiated by body positions and the movement of the different body parts such as hands. Cultural interactions have also influenced the various dance styles. Certain dance styles have evolved during social interaction amid the cultures. The dancing art also involves the accompaniment percussion and decorations such as bells around the dancer’s ankles. These bells harmonize the percussion. Cultural dances are commonly connected to the history of the society. Certain cultures relate their dance with occasions such as patriotism, harvest celebrations, love, and other social matters. Drama is also usually incorporated in dances. Dancing art of the cultures develops within the communities continually. The development of music and dance within the regions and communities has had a great influence on the world. There are many dancing styles that evolve daily. Cultural interaction is a great contributor to the development of dance. Dance art has played a great roe in enhancing gender relationships (Worden & Worden 45).


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