Final Poetry Assignment

In the entire annual course of the 9th grade English language, directives are based on the fact that close studying of poetry enhances a higher understanding of the paragraphs. The students shall study, understand, interpret and implement the meanings of many poems in relation to the topics which will be learned. Close studying of poetry demands that learners should substantiate the manner in which different authors apply language skills like synonyms, diction and metaphors to clearly bring out the meaning (Hall, 1989).

Prior to studying the poems, it is important to verify the tasks which must be finished. During the actual studying of the poem allow your thinking capacity to relax and express your gratitude to which the poet opted to use. Finally, after studying the poems, ponder what relationship they have to your personal life or a third party’s life that you may know of. Then restudy the poems individually to capture their actual meaning.

Choice of poem: Promises Like Pie Crust

“Promises like pie crust” is a poem which was composed by Christina Georgina Rossetti. She lived between the years 1930 and 1984 and then died having fulfilled her purpose in life as a poetess.  She was born and brought up in London, England. This poem of hers proves that particular opinions don’t usually change regardless of many years passing by. Basically, the poem spoke of a love that she desired not to be endangered by romantic feelings and emotions.

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Even though being romantic has its own beauty, along with it come many expenses, anticipations that lack existence in companionship, or are not unfolded, or malice and lack of security which are very evident at many points along the line. The poetess rejected two marital offers in her days and opted to settle for a single life (Hall, 1989). Either she dreaded to love or she just spontaneously settled for single life.

The topic of the poem focuses on mistrust of the words that we may utter to others or among ourselves and which would make some negative impacts. Pie Crust is quite cumbersome to come up with; it has to be toiled over. Even though it’s designed to support the pie with firmness, it usually has a habit of coming down. Similarly, spoken words often have little meaning despite the intentions thereof (Tan, 2007).

The poetess moreover assumed the desire to retain her free state and not to implicate herself in unnecessary relationships whatsoever. In fact, she touches on loosing freedom in the initial and final stanzas of the poem. The general belief could be that she neither wanted to hold someone down nor take responsibility for holding other people down. She might have feared the implications which emerge from a friend’s former life. It is clear that once she had been harmed and therefore admires not to take a second chance.

With the knowledge that a friend’s past life can definitely affect a relationship and former lovers also do not seem to leave her alone. Even if it means in their psych, the poetess was smart enough to make this known. There is a cry in the final lines of the poem that however much they have denied themselves the chance to tread upon something more than love; they could be leaving something that is so much satisfying. In addition, they are not telling themselves that opportunity is much more convenient than whatsoever she sees as another way out; the breakage of their love and the vanished meaning of their utterances.

From the title of the poem, the word promise is evident and promises to themselves are naturally the subject to be broken. If one explores the foundation of the word ‘promise’, it dates back to the 15th century and is severally used with regards to an oath and especially during the wedding ceremony.  The word ‘promise’ implies an obligation that each party vows to carry out or decline. The word offers the one to whom the very vow is spoken to, a privilege to demand whatsoever is pledged. In fact, in some set ups like a wedding, it’s a legally binding word (Bly, 1975).

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Nevertheless, if there are no vows made, then we cannot claim that vows have been broken or claimed later. The poem is quite melancholic by nature and has a lot of romance in it. It has the romance in a manner that retains the love only to comrades as opposed to ‘lovers’. It’s safe to say that genuine ‘lovers’ essentially are comrades in the very first place. Generally, deep friends who are making empty vow to be kept by the other party usually illustrate a deeper level or even an escalated type of deep love than ‘lovers’ who merely make and at the same time break their vows.

Liberty is a precious element of love. In other words, if there are no promises made, then none are broken. Hence a genuine lover can set his/her lover free. It’s obvious that the poetess is asking for the similar non-promises from the one she so dearly loves. There is an absence of obligations with regards to unfolding of the party as well as no investigations of the probability of the former lovers. Many other times, by merely allowing love to be so and lovers to be so, is generally adequate. Whereas it doesn’t speculatively appear a fairly well thought, the sorrow is unsatisfied and breakages of vows are many (Tan, 2007).

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Times are coming when there will be true love amongst many people but eventually love will somehow remain unauthentic or other unmerited. There can be an amount of hurting in such relationships but actuality of another realm of love absorbs that hurting. However, vows from a divine direction are authentic vows that are worth keeping. In any case, in the realms of heaven all things are always perfect. This is opposed to the imperfections of men.


Close studying of poetry demands that learners should substantiate the way in which the author applies the language skills. Prior to the poem studying verifications must be finished. Restudying of the poem is necessary so that one can capture the actual meaning. “Promises like pie crust” poem was composed by Christina Georgina Rossetti who lived as a successful poetess between 1930 and 1984. The topic of the poem focuses on the mistrust of the words that we often utter to others or to ourselves. The poetess moreover took it for granted to retain her free state and not to implicate herself in any unnecessary relationships whatsoever.

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The word ‘promise’ is very evident in the poem and promises themselves again are naturally subject to be broken. The word offers a vow to whom the very vow is spoken to, a privilege to demand whatsoever is vowed. In some setups like a wedding it’s a legally binding word. The poet is quite melancholic and has some romance in it. Liberty is a precious element of love, whereby if there are no promises made, then none is broken. Many other times, by merely allowing love to be so and lovers so is generally adequate. Finally vows from a divine direction are authentic compared to the human vows which are imperfect.


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