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The privacy of the medical records of the patient in addition to the confidentiality of the patient has gained a significant implication of a forefront importance in relation to the ethical as well as the legal issues that are apparent in the health care profession among the medical assistants. as a result in the advances so far achieved in technology, the growth in addition to the expansion so far achieved in managed care, consumerism has emerged leading to the escalation of the numbers of people in addition to the organizations that can have the access or are in need of accessing the medical information of the patient. This has therefore resulted to a growth of the concerns of the patients with regard to the most appropriate person who should access their records in addition to the actual purpose of doing so.

One of the most dramatic scenes that relate to these issues in the context of the arena of health care involves a situation that people surrender in a manner that is typical, some of their measures that are related to privacy to the medical assistants in the profession. They however have a feeling that they are supposed to maintain a control over the data that has so far been gathered by the professionals in the health care industry at the time of their treatment. there was a time that health care was not associated with a complexity of this extent and there was no need for the professionals in the health care to share the information of the patient except with the rest of the professionals who had a direct involvement in the provision of the needed care in as far as the patient was concerned without a prior discussion with the particular patient (Ivan, 2008).

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There was however a certain degree of astonishment among majority of the patients to be exposed to the truth that majority of the people in the setting of health care are exposed to legitimate accessibility to the information that the patients considers to be confidential. This has been documented in writing concerning particular patients who have a concern of the people who are actually exposed the medical information that the patient deemed to be treated in a confidential manner at the time of his hospitalization. The extent of the concern of the patient was consequential to opting to give threats of withdrawal from the treatment

The information on the health status that is exposed to medical assistants to facilitate for anxiolytic should be treated as private. It is therefore reasonable for the patient to have expectations that the information will be treated with confidentiality.

There is a common understanding of the fact that the private information of the patient that is usually provided to the professional in health care or the one that they grean at the time of offering treatment to the patient requires a confidential treatment.

There is clear indication from the research that has so far been conducted the establishment of laws that govern the assumptions in this respect is not necessary. This is so in realization of the fact the nature of the patients’ information is one that is not supposed to be exposed to all people. It is actually a type of information that has cultivated the sovereignty of the patient in the process of yielding it. The decision has been associated with a relative degree of simplicity as a result of the expected positive relationship of the physician to the patient whose evolution has undergone several centuries (Jan, & Roger, 2005). All the professionals in this field have a duty to realize the importance of this in the yielding of the patients’ sovereignty as has been expressed by a trust that is uncommon.

A good example may include the printing, downloading or even sending through the email of the articles with important data of the patient for personal uses.


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