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The Ocean

In regard to the curriculum mapping that is already made, a very high amount of competency in terms of the mastery of the content has been displayed in my work. As a matter of fact, the choice of the topic is mainly due to the fact that despite the fact that it is a vital component of the curriculum, it forms a very favorable ground for me to transfer knowledge to the students. The world ocean forms a very compact part of the personal knowledge that I have in my memory as will be explicitly indicated in the paper and the teaching that proceeds after the curriculum mapping is completed. The world ocean has a lot of importance that is attached to it in relation to the geographical structures and composure of the earth surface. The fact that it covers a whooping 71% of the earth surface just indicates how much it is a subject of interest to any geographer.

The names of the oceans, the animals and plants whose lives is spent entirely in the ocean predators and their survival tactics, extinct and endangered animals and plants and finally the protection of the ocean form a very rich ground of discussion for any geographer. The world has five main oceans which form the oceanic world which is responsible for 71% of the world surface. The Pacific Ocean is the largest one of them all which is then followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, the Southern ocean and finally the Arctic Ocean being the smallest of them all.

The ocean animals that are mainly expected to be discussed by the students ought to be inclusive of the six major ocean animals The Great White Shark, the Whale Shark, the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, the Bottlenose Dolphin, the French Angelfish and the Sea Otter. A comprehensive discussion of the above oceanic animals has to be included in the classes so as to ensure that the students are able to master the differences between the real ocean animals and the normal animals in other small water bodies. This ought to be done by the teacher expressing clear cut features that distinguish among the various types of animals.

There are very many types of plants in the ocean with most of them being located on the surface of the water so as to be able to absorb the sunlight for energy making. On the other side of the oceans on the deeper end, there exists, seaweeds and sea grasses which are located on the floor of the ocean. This places only two conspicuous types of plants although putting into consideration the fact that only 10% of the ocean has been fully explored, it means tat there are still many types of plants in the ocean that are not yet explored. The main types of plants in the ocean are: kelp, the seaweed, sea grass, red algae, coralline algae and the coral and algae.

Human beings form the very dangerous of all the ocean predators as they have destroyed and killed most of the reefs which form a good part of the animal’s home. Researchers too have been very instrumental in doing this and it is very obvious that man has developed a great deal of investment on the most effective and efficient baits for catching the animals. It is mainly through the use of baits that animals have been or long been conquered by man as the personal needs push him into catching the animals day by day. The killer whale then comes in as the third option in regard to the animal predators that we already have. The killer whale on the other hand plays a magnificent step towards ensuring that it preys on virtually any other animal that is smaller in size than it is.

The predators have main factors in common which help to bring them together as the most abusive and exploitative animals in the ocean. The main features shared are: very sharp and strong teeth with canines, toxins that kill other animals instantly. Two main animals which used to have life in the ocean have so far been listed as being totally extinct. They are mainly inclusive of the ichthyosaurs and the Stella’s Sea Cow. As a mater of fact, the two animals are no longer there and several explanations have been given in regard t their presence with some of them being that they evolved into other animals. On the other hand, 368 different species of ocean animals have already been shortlisted as either endangered or vulnerable to nearing endangered. The main conspicuous examples of animals that are endangered in the oceanic life include the loggerhead turtle, the hooded seal and the blue whale. Although many explanations have been put forward as the main explanations of the total reduction in the number of aquatic life in the ocean, man still remains to be the leading scorer of all the reasons endangering some of the animal species in the ocean life.


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