Free «Various Tools of Measurement» Essay Sample

Various Tools of Measurement

The learning by the students in regard to the ocean has been very effective and as a matter of fact, various tools of measurement that have been used in the book prove beyond any reasonable doubt the fact that the students have by far understood the contents of the curriculum mapping. In a nutshell the objectives of the teacher in the curriculum mapping above have been realized by the students. Orals questions after the lesson is over and at the beginning of the lesson forms the most potent form of short term testing that can be used to test the learners. For in stance, in the very first part of the topic, the students may be asked to mention the number and names of oceans that are there in the world.

A correct answer of five oceans together with the listing already offered in the previous part of the paper clearly indicates that the students have bridged the gap between practice and impact as they can now offer correct answers to the questions. On the other hand, the teacher’s observation as the classroom activities like discussion groups are in progress can also be a very effective tool in determining the effectiveness of learning in the class.

Finally projects that involve the optimal understanding of concept learnt in the classroom were used. For example, the issuance of assignments, drawings of ocean animals, plants and many others helps in ensuring that the student have a perfect grasp of the right content that has been taught. Positive results in all the cases above have been used as enough testing method to prove that learning that the learners went through has gone a long way in ensuring that the students have a positive change in learning behavior.


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