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The issue of pollution has become a serious problem in the world. The emission of carbon dioxide has increased significantly over the years. In an attempt to address the issue of environmental pollution, there are a number of measures that have been taken, some of which include the sale of carbon offsets. The idea of carbon offset is based on reducing the emission of carbon in one area to offset the production of carbon in other areas. The paper focuses on the company that sells carbon offsets, Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) has been selling carbon offsets in order to help businesses to become sustainable and ensure that their business practices are appropriate in terms of the environmental health practices (Bonneville Environmental Foundation, n.d.). BEF sells carbon offsets that are the third party verified. The money that is obtained from the sale of carbon offsets is committed to other projects that help in the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment. BEF charges 10 dollars per metric ton, and over the years, the company has managed to sell more than 3.8 million carbon offsets (Bonneville Environmental Foundation, n.d.). It is an indication that the company has been able to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

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Furthermore, BEF engages in diverse projects and has a very wide carbon offset portfolio. Some of the projects that the company has implemented include forestry. According to BEF (n.d.), forests play a vital role in absorbing and holding greenhouse gasses that are emitted by various sources. As a way of generating carbon offsets, the company engages in forest conservation, reforestation as well as forest management. BEF is proud of the Gracia river forest, which is one of the nonprofit woods. This forest enables the company to trap about 77000 tons of carbon emissions every year.

Other ways to contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide include the production of renewable energy. There is the establishment of the renewable energy facilities connected to solar and wind power. These projects play a key role in generating carbon offsets since they replace the use of fossil fuels, which is known to be the source of greenhouse gasses.

BEF also focuses on landfill gas extraction. Landfills have the potential to trap methane because of the destruction of solid matter. The best way to reduce the methane gas level in landfills is to convert it into carbon dioxide since carbon dioxide can also be used in cooking. One of such projects is the Eagle Point Landfill Project (Bonneville Environmental Foundation, n.d.). Other projects include transportation efficiency. The offsets arise from promoting efficient use of fuels. The strategies applicable are the promotion of truck efficiency as well as the reduction of idling time (Bonneville Environmental Foundation, n.d.).

Consequently, BEF (n.d.) states that it has had a great impact on the environment through its carbon offsets. The organization has been able to manage 9.5 million tons of CO2. It has also helped in the generation of clean energy and it has been able to build more than 250 renewable energy projects.

To conclude, carbon offsets are gaining popularity all over the world due to the rising need of protecting environment. Bonneville Environmental Foundation is one of the companies that sell carbon offsets, and it has played a critical role in reducing environmental pollution. The organization has sold millions of carbon offsets with each offset costing 10 dollars. The company invests the money obtained in the energy projects associated with renewable sources of power. It also engages in other activities, such as landfill gas extraction and forest conservation. Thus, through its activities, BEF has managed more than 9.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.


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