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Apart from the financial reports of the company and the number of the produced goods per year, the success of any company is predetermined by other features. Among such, one should point out its core values, social and ethical responsibility, vision and mission. Microsoft is a multinational corporation that is well-known worldwide for its achievements in the technological area. However, the financial success of the corporation and the enormous number of its supporters and loyal customers is not only the result of effective promotion of devices or appropriate choice of the price policies. This paper shows that the success is to a great extent predetermined by the appropriate ethical choice and customer-oriented policies. Microsoft Corporation implements these core values and goals in their strategy.

Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1957, and since that time, its team has put enormous efforts to make the company grow, develop and provide the customers worldwide with new soft, technical devices, and other solutions (Microsoft, 2015). The mission of the company is introduction of new technologies into the modern rapidly developing world. Mainly, such fast development of technologies makes Microsoft keep pace with all innovations and put all efforts to remain loyal to its customers. The task of the workers is to think on a global scale in order to provide people with technological solutions that can strengthen the human factor, widen people’s abilities and ensure work optimization in any office or according to the personal matters at home. Microsoft Corporation always takes into consideration the considerable market demand for advanced but accessible technologies (Microsoft, 2015). Hence, it put maximum efforts to make the products combine high quality, innovative qualities, and affordable price. As for the core values that accompany the company’s work, the corporation puts a stake on persistence, excellence, passion about customers and technologies, devotion to the mission and technologies consumers, as well as cooperation with them that should be based on respect and honesty (Microsoft, 2015). Hence, mainly these values on the level of the work and communication within the company and with clients predetermine the confident company’s position on the international market.

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Microsoft Corporation established a number of services that optimize and support the usage of personal computers and mobile products (smartphones). Among such, the products of the company include operating systems, applications, games, web security systems and various additional software. In addition to this, Microsoft has also developed Microsoft Cloud service. Such system is quite easy in operation and allows people upload various files to store and share them without a worry that hardware can get broken (Microsoft, 2015). Among the most popular services and products offered by the above-mentioned corporation, one should point out soft- and hardware. Windows operating system is widely used since 1995; Microsoft Office with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and other utilities has become the inherent components for the effective office work; Skype ensures online communication worldwide; Bing offers effective online search and MSN provides collection of the most interesting news and entertaining information (Microsoft, 2015). As for the hardware, Lumia deserves particular attention for the powerful and stylish smartphones (Microsoft, 2015). In such a way, the company provides the customers with a number of services that can be chosen either in complex or separately.

SWOT analysis of the company shows that it has more strengths than weaknesses on the current stage of development. The strengths of the corporation include user-friendly software, a good reputation, well-established distribution, high quality, great financial activity and “Acquisition of Skype” (Jurevicius, 2013). Some weakness include not very rapid flow of innovations, strong dependence on hardware manufacturers, mature PC markets and not always reliable security systems (Jurevicius, 2013). The opportunities defined by Jurevicius (2013) include solid establishment of mobile devices, even more new products, better advertising, more contributions to cloud based services, etc. Finally, the threats that are met by Microsoft are high level of competition on the technologies market, changes of customers’ demands and open access to the projects (Jurevicius, 2013).

Porter’s five forces analysis can also show that the position of Microsoft is quite confident, but may need some improvements. Microsoft’s has strong advantage over the competitors. It primarily lies in a huge financial capital. Hence, the company has a possibility to grow and develop (Dudovskiy, 2015). Products’ accessibility is another advantage of Microsoft. The range of products and services is wider than of many competitors. At the same time, the prices are quite low. Moreover, the company offers numerous free applications. Such approach makes the products even more attractive (Dudovskiy, 2015). The bargaining power of Microsoft suppliers is not as high as the components the company orders are not unique. However, “in terms of volumes,” the corporation takes a leading place (Dudovskiy, 2015). Threat of substitutes can hardly be defined as a bothering issue for Microsoft. They created the applications that cannot be replaced as Microsoft office and Windows, for instance, have already become a part of people’s everyday life. Rivalry among the competitors is also not too much bothering for Microsoft as its position is quite strong. Indeed, the firms are constantly improving but too much needs to be done to overcome Microsoft.

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Microsoft revenue model is based on several important aspects. Firstly, the company earns from fees for use of Windows. Secondly, customers’ engagement for some other products is made through providing free software and some paid and free options combination. As for the corporate strategies, Microsoft work is based on the following aspects. It introduces innovations to support its leadership positions, improves the existing products, follows the customers’ needs and demands, and regularly monitors the competitors in order to avoid possible conflicts (Clark, 2004). Hence, the strategies of the corporation deserve particular attention.


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