Cultural Intelligence and International Students

Cultural Intelligence and International Students


Ability to fit in situations that involve cultural diversity requires flexibility in understanding abilities and creation of eventful collaboration to enable team work. This paper takes into account the meaning of this flexibility which in other terms is referred to as cultural intelligence. There are number of uses of this flexibility upon which the main discussion in this paper is in the case of International Students.



            Cultural intelligence is the ability to present oneself in a manner that is easily understood to people around; creating a situation where interests can be traded openly in a setting that involves cultural differences and fitting well within the diversities of culture. International students are mostly faced with this predicament of finding themselves in situations that involve major cultural differences. In situation like this cultural intelligent is a major requirement that helps the student to connect academically with their peers and their instructors. This paper covers the dimensions within which cultural intelligent revolves around. The connection of these cultural dimensions and individual students as in the ways it is beneficial to be culturally intelligent.

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            Getting the required peace of mind that a student is required to have in ensuring that coursework is done properly and in an understandable manner, socializing with colleagues and relating well with instructors; demand a student to have cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence is a key requirement for international students.



Intercultural engagement

            Intercultural engagement is the mechanism that involves the feelings of uncomfortability within the situation and the willingness to settle comfortably to enliven the purpose of being there. This dimension involves the creative potential and the risk; motivational elements and the stumbling blocks responsible for the destruction and the enlivenment of the contact. This dimension includes elements of motivation needed by a student or an individual who finds him/herself in a situation like this in fruitfully fulfilling his/her purpose within the situation. 

The source of the motivation is found within elements of external and internal drivers. These include goals and objectives under external drivers as strategies for innovation; internal drivers can be developed in terms of elements like curiosity and attraction to people and things different from those that one is used to. Development of external drivers like goals and objectives aids one to focus to the task at hand despite the nature of the situation. Mostly the goals and the objectives are supposed to be respecting the fact that making the situation as comfortable for one and the rest as possible is the main goal. For the internal drivers like curiosity and attraction to different people and things saves the situation in that an individual would be exposed to the lifestyles of the others and would develop a hand of handling the situation much comfortably by understanding what minimum requirements are.

Cultural Understanding

            Judgment and choice are components of cognitive characteristics of humans. For the sake of cultural intelligent, the judgment and the choices that are made should go hand in hand with our understanding of what kind of situation we are making them in. making a choice or a judgment under this dimension relies on consideration of other people’s cultures and understanding our own culture. The understanding should be in terms that recognize all parties as cultural beings and the backgrounds of each cultural group.

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            Characteristics of an individual’s culture and the characteristics of other people’s cultures is a crucial piece of knowledge that an individual should always apply as a requirement of this dimension. Ability to trade cognitive flexibility and experiences from one nature of culture to another are consisted in this dimension of cultural intelligence.

Intercultural communication

            When judgments are made and settled for the choice of action that is opted for is a major element in this dimension. The rational and the emotional data that is collected by an individual are supposed to be factors of consideration when making the choices in a cultural encounter. Some of key elements of this dimension are what kind of choices made during a cultural encounter that may be in form of listening, agreeing, disagreeing, questioning, and summarizing with what an individual or individuals of different cultures passes across in form of action or spoken word. Rules, rituals, etiquette, techniques and body language are factors that are responded to upon which a choice of counter reaction can be made. In this dimension, the other dimensions of cultural intelligence are brought into play.

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Cultural Intelligence and International Students

            The importance of cultural intelligence is to allow for fruitful interaction between students of diverse cultures taking the setting as an international teaching institution. In seeking fruitful learning, interaction and participation to social events within an educational institution, an international student would apply the dimension of intercultural engagement to learn from others and to share attributes of their cultures. They would also apply the dimension of cultural understanding to have a prior forecast of what is expected from them and what they expect from other cultures’ people. Dimension of communication also referred to as cognitive dimension, comes to play in engaging the students in cultural encounters; that are monitored by applicable choices in the courses of action they embark to take; and what kind of interpersonal verbal or body language they are supposed to respond with.

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Cultural intelligence consists of three dimensions of intercultural engagement, cultural understanding and intercultural communication. It’s the elements of these dimensions that define the ethical choices and judgments that result to the creation of favorable terms for all cultures that are involves resulting to fruitful recognition of team work. Students in international schooling institutions are served to their interests by the advantage of cultural intelligent in which they are able to merge in with the rest of cultures by applying the dimensions of cultural intelligence.


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