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On May 16, 2011, 0ur Company’s board members held a meeting to consider how the company can raise its standing in the market. Considering the nature of the world’s economy today, majority of businesses and businessmen have found it difficulty to cope with the market trends. Some have closed down; others have contemplated doing so, but thanks to our strong marketing team and committed general staff for being unshaken amidst such evident challenges.

 It was out of this meeting that board members and the company management agreed unanimously that, to remain on the cutting age, our stock must increase tremendously. Increasing stock would help to meet the demands. To achieve this, it was agreed that one of us should visit potential suppliers. We need healthcare supplement suppliers who will give us products that are not only genuine, also unique and authentic.

The same month when the meeting was held, the general management staff agreed to send me to Tokyo to meet with some of the major healthcare product manufacturers who had earlier indicated interest to stock our store with their products. In my trip, I have met with a number of prominent manufactures of health supplements, some who deal with protein supplements, as well as vitamins supplements.

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We have in the past looked for new suppliers of protein supplements without success. In the discussion we had with the potential suppliers, I asked a number of questions concerning some of the services that the have which will in the long run be beneficial to us. I have been very keen to wonder whether there are particular additional services which they can be willing to offer to us.

This report is meant to give you brief information on some of the deals that I have sealed so far and hope to see them materialize into long-term supply relationship between our company and them. To begin with, it is good to first mention to you that our company was recently nominated among the best health product business east of Asia and as the best online health product seller world over. Our dedicated team of experts has work around the clock to see that we always stock quality and affordable stock for our customers.

In a four-day meeting, I was able to meet various manufacturers and wholesalers, I meat with Hung’hi Suppliers, who once supplied us with vitamin supplements. With their new products, they are willing to create new relationships with our company as they seek to meet their long-term goals. Their value added vitamins products seem to be good for us. Once again, they showed their willingness to give us the lowest and most competitive prices in the market. This made me consider them the best for us this time considering our goal of ensuring affordability and quality.

Out of the meetings, a number of things came clear. The first one is that there are so many manufacturers of healthcare products who have had longer-term interest to be part of us annually taking a tender to supply our store with new branded health care products. Each manufacturer had something to present. The new products have in themselves several factors that have been considered by manufacturers as key in keeping a person healthy.

The need for health products is going up everyday. This is contributed buy so many factors, which include pollution from industrial wastes. This affects water that the majority of people from poor families drink. The kind of food that people eat today can pose a number of threats to a person’s life. When considered together, the realization of how much healthcare products are needed overwhelms.

Healthcare products are not only in terms of food supplements, but there are also those that are for skin care. They are made to ensure skin health when used on the body. These are among new products that we will need to sit in a meeting to discuss the possibility getting suppliers for them.

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Currently our company has been relying on a few suppliers whose supply of products would not meet the varying market demands. With limited supplies that we get from them, it is important for us to consider new suppliers with a longer-term goal.

Proper nutrition is a key component for a healthy person. To achieve this, you need to make sure that you feed on food with enough vitamins and minerals that are found in them, for example, vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, and milk with no fats. Since it is hard to get all this from normal food, supplements are best additives to consider.

In this trip, I have been able to secure five important deals. The first deal is with a group of manufacturers who have specialized in food additives. Their prices and value added services appear to be excellent for the advancement of our company. My hope is that as they have promised discounts and suitable after sale services, it is possible for us to keep the trend that we have set before and even better by adding more stock from this people.

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Our potential suppliers have a variety of products and services that they can supply to us. These include clinical solutions that are geared towards improving clinical safety and satisfaction. As a matter of facts, the way our services have been delivered has always ensured that we offer competitive prices in the market. This time, our prices will be better, if we consider giving supply contracts to this new business. Reduced cost of healthcare is an advantage to all consumers no matter how rich someone is.

The new supplies will also help us to reach the global market. Through this, there is a lot to learn and much more competition to meet in the long run. However, positive and healthy competition will also enhance the kind of business that one gets into.

The new suppliers of health products have given a lucrative proposal to cover our stock needs for a whole year. They will give us a grace period for the first four months payment as we test their products with the market. Interacting with world-class medical practitioners, good advice is bound to come which we hope to bring to the attention of our employees.

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We are at a point in a business where we can look back and say that things have work well for us. Our committed staff team has not relaxed when it comes to seeking success for this business. Every single member of this business can testify of motivation that hey have in the past received from his or her seniors. Presently every member is hoping that they would see expansion in terms of business, that more branches be opened to other parts of this country and extend internationally.

Although we cannot admit that we are at our best time in business, we are sure that better things are here ahead. The slow down in business that we have experienced so far is not unique to us. Most businesses have been forced to bow. For that reason, so much which has been done by our staff deserves recognition. We have not relented. We hope to remain steadfast; therefore, we need to get the new suppliers on board to ensure that for the next one year, we will not be shaken at all.

The existence of new business models will also determine whether we have to hire more staff or not. However, what we currently have is not enough, but we need to move forward in the health products and services. If we take up the challenge and get to contract new suppliers, the cost of shipment must be considered with international standard.

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In the event, that new health supplements suppliers commit to sign a contract with us; there will also be a new paradigm in our business, one that will eventually revolutionize the health supplement campaigns that we have carried all along. There will be the need to equip new members with more knowledge about newer products in the market. Since most manufacturers keep promoting all sorts of products, a number of fake healthcare products exist in the market today. It is important for each of our staff members to understand what they meet and how to deal with the challenges that it can cause.

A number of recommendations for people to take supplements usually land into deaf years, however, with the introduction of new varieties of supplements with controlled nutritional content, there is expected change. It also is important to create sustainable financial benefits for both the company, and its owners. Not every business in the modern world will find it easy to survive without networking. Through networking, a number of new frontline relationships will be built. Our present business situation calls for expansion of and diversification of our product market.

As we seek to expand our stock, there will be a need to expand our staff to meet the new requirements for expansion of new branches. It is good to understand that, the demand for more workers in this company is continuously increasing.


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