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Communication is the process of conveyance of message from sender to the receiver upon which he or she is expected to encode and send back. This message must be decoded and then send to the recipient who is expected to encode it and then respond accordingly by sending a feedback. Communication is a truly critical element in an organization. The nature of communication taking place between the management and the workers is extremely important as far as success of the company is concerned.

Communication is the only means through which managers can relate with clients or the employees. Through communication, managers can obtain the views of the employees. The company can also learn what the public is saying. These provide management with valuable information necessary for initiating appropriate changes. This work would discuss the importance of communication in management.

Communication is a very valuable tool for marketing. The success of marketing managers typically depends on the manner in which they create and implement their communication strategies. Manager must be therefore be regularly updated and must have a lot of insight on how to lure customers through communication. He or she should also be aware of different means and modes of communication. This is very significant because some of the means may not reach the target population. It is therefore vital for a manager to be well informed of various factors to consider as far as communication-entailing marketing is concerned.

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Such factors include the target population, the coverage of the means available, the cost, and the affordability of these means to both the target audience and the organization. Being the overall leader and owner of the organization, the manager must acknowledge the significance of communication especially in the field of advertisement. As far as the role of communication in the advertisement is concerned, the manager should be aware of the advertisement option available. This is important because a lot of technological development especially in the side of the information technology characterizes the current era.

Another importance of the communication especially to the manger is that it acts as a tool for promoting interpersonal relationship between the manager and the employees. Interpersonal relationship is crucial phenomenon as far as the productivity of the organization is concerned. When there is a close relationship between the management and the employees, it would be easier for the management to identify any issue that might arise.

Communication is also a tool for executing change in an organization. Change is normally executed through conveyance of information concerning the anticipated change to the people involved or affected. Therefore, a manger must have basic communication skills and tactics. This is important because the adoption and implementation of any change depends on the credibility of the information given concerning the change.

Another significance of communication as far as management is concern is that through communication, manager can easily delegates his or her duties. This means that communication is an inevitable component of an organization. Communication is also used to coordinate various departments in an organization. Coordination is an essential component in an organization. Coordinating different departments facilitate the achievement of set goals by the organization. This is because departments in organization rely on each other. It is therefore the role of the manager to ensure that all departments are well coordinated. Communication is therefore a handy tool for ensuring this.

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Communication is also an indispensable tool for motivating the employees. Motivation is conducted through giving motivational speeches or talks. The success of the motivation processes depends on the eloquence and the composure of the motivator. Managers are motivators and role models in virtually all organizations. Therefore, they must have adequate communication skills. They should know how to give a motivational speech, the choice of words to use, the structure and the flow of the speech.

Communication also acts as a training tool. Training is an activity done to either orient, correct or promotes an employer. Training involves conveyance of information concerning a given field. The success of the training depends on how well the communication was done. It is therefore necessary for the manger to be always equipped with communication skills. This would promote activities such as training that are fundamental as far as training and motivating the customers and or employees.

Several theories especially the motivational theories support the fact that communication is actually an essential component of management. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, it is clear that motivation of the employees can be enhanced when the manager has good social skills. Furthermore, the McClelland’s acquired needs theory support the fact that managers must have some exceptional communication skills with the employees because one way in which employees get motivated is when they are being encouraged, praised and motivated . The theory postulates that most of the employees need to be affiliated so that they can get motivated. They therefore seek companionship, social approval and seek satisfying interpersonal relationship. The manger is therefore, expected to be having many communication skills for handling, responding to such needs as well as building close interpersonal relationship with such employees.

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Generally, according to these theories, achieving as a manger does not require someone who has higher expectation. Managers intending to achieve more are usually interested in how well they do personally and not in changing others to do well. They are mainly concern with their personal efforts. However, the theories claim that such managers do not succeed in the end. Conversely, the theories assert that the best managers should seek ways of influencing the employees and encouraging them to work harder.

Despite the fact that communication has a very significant role as far as management is concerned, it should be noted that the idea of management is a very tricky. There are no real prescriptions for successful management. Therefore, just as contingency approach states, the manager should be all rounded. He or she should have all elements of management because no single element is conclusive and comprehensive as far as the optimal management practices are concerned. Every manager must be ready to encounter different challenges and hence must arm himself or herself with more that one management tactics. Communication is just part of the many requirement s for a manager.


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