Free «Fundamentals of communication» Essay Sample

Fundamentals of  communication

Part I

The influence of culture in the society cannot be underestimated. Culture is a diverse field and it shapes many areas of human life. Having interrelated with students from different cultural background in college, I am well aware of the cultural differences, as well as their influence on the communication process. One aspect of culture is the degree of Self-Disclosure, which is a measure of how well an individual reveal themselves to others. In college, I have interacted with students who share with others a lot of information about themselves. At the same time, there are some students who fail to let other know about who they are. In the end, I noted that those who had high degree of self-disclosure managed to communicate effectively as compared to those who did not. In addition, I have also witnessed the impact of gender roles in college. Through gender roles, individuals have been influenced to behave differently. To be specific, I have witnessed some student who believed that girls were not meant to take roles considered to be men’s.  for instance, a friend of mine believed that she was not meant to take roles such as leading a group discussion or even taking an active part during discussion. Nonetheless, one of my friends happened to believe that boys and girls had the same ability, which made her engage herself actively in group discussions. Over time, I noted that the latter managed to develop effective communication competencies while the other student could not achieve much. Indeed these cultural variations had significant impact communication process.

Part II

The Johari window concept provides an important tool for understanding relationships between different people. With my competition of exercise 3, I find myself in better position to explain the relationship I have with my colleague in college. After completing the exercise, I noted that the “open” quadrant of the Johari window was wider that the three other quadrants based on the values that I had provided as the rating of my relationship. According to this result, it appears that my colleague and I are aware of a lot of information about me implying that we have a better relationship. At the same time, the large pane size of the “open” quadrant reveals that our relationship is great and does not deserve change. In fact, it encourages me to reinforce the communication process that I have with my colleague through the use of proper medium and feedback process. Evidently, I am in a better relationship that does not need a change.


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