With the rising rate at which technology improves there is great need for security. Many hackers try all means to compromise systems. Security becomes a major concern in iPhone operating system. Apple has therefore put security measures in place to ensure users’ information are secure. It allows developers develop applications that run on its iPhones, iPad Touch, iPod, and Apple TV. iphone operating system is based on Mac operating system. It therefore separates any application installed through a “sandbox mechanism” (Barrera, & Oorschot, 2011). The mechanism uses a program to restrict access to some features of a device. This includes restricting third party applications from reading or writing system files, resources, or data outside their directory.

Apple requires developers who wish to publish their applications to submit them to the company for approval. It then digitally signs those that it finds suitable but may remove from market applications that violets developers’ terms of service or violets intellectual property rights. Apple is considering introducing antivirus software that will protect the devices from viruses that come as a result of browsing or external hardware connection.

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Features of iPhone Operating System

Since its invention, Apple has developed many models of iPhone operating system. This is to ensure that new features that satisfy the needs of users are incorporated. This is their main marketing strategy. iPhone OS 4.0 provides users with many interesting features. The operating system enables users to interact with many applications at the same time. Users can open and use different applications such as VoIP and GPS simultaneously. The operating system also allows users to switch between the applications without time wastage.

In case there is a problem with an application that users had previously opened, iPhone OS 4.0 notifies users through a pop-up window. Moreover, it allows users to group applications in folders for easy retrieval. The mail application enables users to view messages from different sources in one inbox. Other features that come with the iPhone 4.0 OS include iBook which allows users to read lots of materials from the iPhone database, iAd advertising for advertising, and Bluetooth keyboards which allow users to key in data wirelessly.

iPhone Operating System Market Share

Whereas there are many smartphone operating systems, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android dominates the market. According to Neisen, Android dominated the United States’ market with a market share of 38% in June 2011 which rose to 56% in August the same year (Mick, 2011). iPhone, Android’s rival, had a market share of 28% in June 2011 and remained the same in August the same year (Mick, 2011). Andriod’s market share rose sharply within the short duration because of its efforts to provide users with original devices weekly and their wide distribution area. Unlike Apple, whose operating system can be used in its devices only, Google’s Android operating system is used in a variety of devices from different manufacturers.

iPhone Operating System Marketing Strategies

Apple produces versions of iPhone operating system with a variety of new features to ensure customer satisfaction. After realizing that Android was top in the market because it supplied its products to a larger market, Apple expanded its market to include Verizon, Sprint, and its initial market, AT and T.

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Apple also produces devices such as iPhones, iPad Touch, iPods, and Apple TV with exiting features that greatly help users perform their tasks. All these devices use iPhone operating system. It therefore strives to produce the best devices.

iPhone Operating System SWOT Analysis


  • Innovation: The iPhone operating system has many features such as touch screen capabilities, interaction with many applications simultaneously, and allowing the user of global positioning system.
  • Compatibility: Since iPhone operating system is based on Mac OS, it is compatible to many Mac software tools. This means that iPhone OS can be upgraded as many times as possible (Maxwell, Lee, Suen, & Hofmann, 2007).
  • Brand awareness: Apple is a famous company in developing powerful devices such as iPad Touch and the original Macintosh with cool features.
  • Quality: iPhone operating system is easy to use and Apple’s security checks enable the operating system to be resistant to threats.
  • Openness: Apple allows developers to develop their applications and publish in iPhone operating system. It allows applications to be published so long as they do not violate terms of service and infringe their intellectual property rights.


  • Price: Apple sells its products expensively. This makes it hard for low and middle income earners to buy and use.
  • Product target: iPhone operating system is made to be used on Apple’s products only. This limits its market as other gargets which may wish to use the operating system are denied the chance.


  • Satisfying consumer needs: Apple tries to develop applications with new features that satisfy the needs of users.
  • Upgrading: iPhone operating systems allows for software upgrade. This makes it possible for developers to add new features in their applications and upgrade them in the hardware devices.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Apple can merge with many mobile phone companies worldwide to distribute its products and services to a larger market.


  • Competition: More companies have come up and develop operating systems with more features. This reduces prices of the products.

iPhone Operating Systems Implementation Challenges

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iPhone operating system requires IT staff to touch iPhone devices at least once to activate, configure, and install security certificates and applications (Faas, 2010). This is a major problem especially when dealing with large quantities. It takes a lot of time to configure and install applications in iPhone operating systems.

iPhone Operating System and Businesses

The invention and improvement in technology has greatly changed the way people do their daily work. It has also changed the way businesses operate. Many businesses communicate, market, sell, and purchase using modern technology. Technology has saved costs on businesses and improved efficiency in their services.

iPhone operating system enables application developers to develop and publish their applications. This has brought about many applications that help businesses achieve their operational efficiencies. Some smartphone applications, for example enable check-in of customers in shops. When a customer walks in a shop with a mobile phone, a tablet, or a smart application, the device automatically checks him or her in the shop. The shop’s database will update the customer’s information such as purchase history, frequency of return, purchase preferences, and the quantity per purchase. The information will then be used to calculate various parameters such customer rewards, discounts, and offers.

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There are also smart applications which have been developed and aid buyers on what to buy by displaying all information that are useful about a product or service. It also directs customers to similar products that are in the same shop. When a customer purchases a camera, for example, the application will direct him/her to the camera’s accessories such as batteries, cases, and lenses.  Moreover, buyers do not have to walk for long when searching for a product they want to buy. They simply hold their mobile phones up like a global positioning system and the application guides them to the product and service they want (Ajiboye, Adu, & Wojuade, 2007).

iPhone operating system has enabled development of applications that allow effective communication between buyers and sellers. Applications such as instant messaging system allow customers to communicate and receive instant feedback. Other applications like web browsing applications enable users to connect to the internet and communicate through email and social networking sites.

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iPhone operating system allows access to calendar and address book. This enables business partners or entrepreneurs to access appointments and contacts easily. This acts as a reminder and enables efficiency in business operations.


Operating system manages hardware components and allows installation of applications. iPhone operating systems allows developers to develop and install applications. This enables users of iPhone OS devices to experience a wide range of exiting features. Apple ensures security in iPhone operating system by separating applications through a sandbox mechanism. It also digitally signs applications before allowing them in the market.

Whereas there is competition among operating system vendors, users get many exiting features which enable them interact and use their devices effectively. iPhone operating system has greatly helped businesses achieve operational efficiencies. It has enabled development of applications which allow businesses and customers communicate effectively regardless of their locations.


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