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Nowadays, we have several television shows that focus on cooking. They showcase all kinds of cooking across all cultures. There are people who naturally do not like the idea of cooking, but these shows have come to change all that since they portray cooking as intensely interesting affair. Recipes that the chefs use are of varying origins and unique to the general public. They leave the audience amazed and full of curiosity. When the curiosity is intensified, the only choice this individual has is to try out this recipe. After trying it out they actually find it fascinating and the next thing one knows is this person becoming so much into cooking. They can easily end up being one of the best chefs ever known.

When it comes to fashion, many people can attest to the power of television. Through fashion people are able to show their personalities and communicate to some extent, because various fashion items are perceived to be sending a certain kind of image, hence in the long run it affects the personality of an individual. It is true that what you’re dressing says a lot about yourself. How one is dressed will determine with what kind of people interaction occur. At the end of the day, one becomes a totally different person from all these interactions.

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Still looking at the fashion industry, there plenty of documentaries on television that showcase fashion designs specifically targeting celebrities. They show a whole line of designer clothing that celebrities buy and wear. People have different celebrities that they admire and would love to resemble. So what they end up doing is buying these clothes and has they looking a lot like them. It does not end there. Once the individual gets the look, the remaining thing to do now is mimic this celebrity. This phenomenon is well much common for the case on teenagers who have not yet identified themselves. The only way for them to look bracing is mimicry. For example, the late musician Michael Jackson whom a lot of people have been trying to imitate for the longest period I can remember. They often get to do that by trying out his dance moves while putting on clothes that look like his.

Apart from changing the way, one behaves dresses, with regard to the display of fashion on television; it is possible that one can change their personality towards certain abilities. Some people have come to love fashion related issues so much that they pick it up as a hobby. These have become gurus in the fashion industry. Sports is another field that normally takes up most of the airtime on the television programming. It has a lot of viewership, and the number is growing each day. More people have come to love football even in countries football has not been their traditional sport.

Something else worth noting is how television has come to change people’s attitude to religion. There are so many churches that have whole channels dedicated to their services. The brains behind these are the so-called televangelists. People get to listen to these preachers and change their way of life. It is even common to get people just staying at home on Sabbath and watch the televangelists conduct their services on television. Some individuals actually get transformed from the powerful deliveries that these people make.

Some religions have programs on television showing miraculous healings where individuals go through rituals, and they say certain words. The respective evangelists also have their share of words, and before knowing it, the individuals get the healing that they desire. When the viewer at home sees this, they are full of astonishment while a majority of them wear awe on their faces. The idea that people can get healing at an instant right before their eyes is just too controversial for them. Some still choose to believe. The ones that believe are the ones whose personalities are likely to be changed. The next thing one knows is these individuals going to look for healing to cure various diseases that they may be having. This sudden belief in miraculous healing is a sign of personality change.

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We have programs that try to change the stereotype that some people may have towards a certain issue. They give us a different picture altogether. They reveal us certain aspects of an issue that have not come out more certain in previous illustrations. Stereotypes have always been with us, but the best of my knowing I believe that we have been reducing the number especially in the 21st century. This is all thanks to the television. Television is playing a critical role in disseminating information and looking in-depth into several issues. For example, there are stereotypes that believe that Egypt is a desert. This has come to be otherwise as most documentaries that we have seen on the television show a totally different thing altogether. It is that not all parts of Egypt are desert. Finally, all television is here to stay, and we are to find a way of using it to the advantage of the universe and human beings.


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