Free «Persuasive Communication» Essay Sample

Persuasive Communication

For any business to thrive, one must consider straightforward communication mechanisms just as clarified in your essay. Having a wide knowledge about a product including its production process is an essentiality for a marketer. This is what you meant by knowing a product “inside out” and having answers to any question posed by a consumer about the products on sale (Lehman & Dufrene, 2012). This shows expertise in the marketing of product and attracts more customers in a disguised persuasive manner. However, you should have explained what persuasion in marketing your paper depicts. According to Austin (1962), persuading someone is carrying out an act (approximately that of influencing someone’s opinions or desires) using language.

Fluency and suggestive dialogue between the marketer and the customer are tremendously beneficial. Your paper has pinpointed these kinds of perfect communication strategies: clear verbal discussion and visual aids. Besides, channels of communication such as senses should be used (dialogue, hearing, and seeing) so that the visual aids are well understood. Visual aids compress bulky information that a customer would not have understood when verbally explained. They also enhance cooperation with one another to attain some resolution beyond understanding. The excellence of your paper explains the need for short sentences, as this is well articulated. It is vital to focus attention on the customer to enhance the possibility of message acceptance through selecting the form of communication relevant to the message, forming a point of view, and sharing its significance. As Sergy (2009) suggests pertaining to trust, the customers’ view of the persuader’s purposes and trustworthiness play a crucial role in every communication. This is one way you have suggested being accountable for improvement of the delivered message. Also, trust assesses the customer’s attitudes towards a product.


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