Polysemy and Homonymy

Integration of various groups in the society aimed at facilitating development of numerous aspects of the individual results in integration of language as well as exposure to numerous communicative techniques. From this perspective, the first language of an individual is slowly being replaced by other languages as one develops in one’s area of expertise or specialization and learns more. In order to become an expert either in a different area of expertise or in particular language it is crucial to become equipped with the communication skills relevant to the interested genre of study. Due to the ever increasing arte of integration of various cultural communities coupled with the need to catty out an investigative analysis or study in particular genre of study dictionaries have been developed based on the demands at hand. Also, specific professions have a well designed mode of communication that is characterized with particular jargons common to among the professional. This creates an avenue where definitions of the professional jargons are crucial to individual in order to enable one achieve professional goals as well as become a renowned expert in particular genre of expertise. In this case various forms of dictionaries have been developed aimed at attaining specific objective in the society especially in the learning field. In this ground the papers wishes to analyze in detail and identify the difference in structure and applicable between learners dictionary and the defining dictionary.

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Analysis of Polysemy and homonymy in learner’s dictionary

Polysemy can be defined as the ability of a word or phrase in language to have numerous related meaning. Therefore, the nature of a word in the particular language to have numerous meaning results to the phrase or word being considered identified as polysemous. In relation to learner’s dictionary that is geared towards facilitating comprehensive comprehension of learners of particular language in the society, the dictionary is keen in ensuring that such words are well highlighted. It should be noted that the fact the word’s structure are unaltered on their application in various fields confusion due to the widened scope of application arises. Therefore, in learner’s dictionary pronunciation of the words is giving as well as usage of the word under different sectors in various areas of expertise. Notably, learning is the fundamental step towards become a renowned expert in particular area of study therefore in learners dictionary acknowledges that simplification should be a crucial element in facilitating learning (Coolreferat.com 2001). Therefore, the dictionary captures the attention o its audience and gives a gives the fundamental regarding polysemy words or phases. The purpose is to gain interest of the learners and enable them to access further developments in the genre.

Evaluating entries into the learner’s dictionary from the perspective of the homonymy various discussions and examples arise. Homonyms may be defined as more than two words that are pronounced the same and have an identical spelling. Words highlighting these attributes are regarded as homonyms. Identification of these words is usually a challenge especially to those new in particular area of expertise. Treatment of homonyms in learner’s dictionary is based on the creating an avenue on the learners to enhance curiosity and give simplified examples of words classified under the concepts in particular linguistic environment. In this case homonyms are approached in different classes aimed at establishing a basis towards exploring the concepts as well as reveal the scope of study of an individual in particular language.

Analysis of Polysemy and homonymy in defining dictionary

Notably defining dictionary plays a significant role in simplification of complex words especially in authors’ playwright materials and in giving explanation in a literature rather than establishing foundation of particular language. The dictionary is highly based on an earlier work of an individual due to its notion to work in liaison with previously conducted literature activities or exercises. In relation to treatment of polysemy under defining dictionary is different from that established in the learner’s dictionary. The fact that defining dictionary is mounted on simplification of complex and hidden details the core task involved is giving simplified meaning of the underlying concepts in either literature or linguistics. From this perspective, the defining dictionary is meticulous in defining and facilitating a simplified basis of comprehension of polysemy in relation to the context of the materials being analyzed rather than accommodating diverse meaning similar to those conveyed in learner’s dictionary. Therefore the purpose of the dictionary is to facilitate simplification of an already done work aimed at giving its clear explanation as well as revealing the hidden details.

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Homonyms are hidden concepts and involve words that are identical in both spelling and sounds but have diverse meaning identification of the words or phases are complex to the reader. However, defining dictionary entails simplification of an earlier piece of work therefore it is selective on its audience due to the fact that only the interested individual are associated with the dictionary. The core difference between learner’s dictionary and defining dictionary in relation to homonyms is based on scope of operation. In learner dictionary basic information are given regarding the origin of a particular homonyms in the society and in defining dictionary homonyms are evaluated on the basis of simplification of literature work (Webster, Goodrich, and Walker, 2009). Also, based on the purposes of the two dictionaries learner’s dictionary is geared towards giving meaning based on a wide range of application of the words and defining dictionary is restricted to a particular piece of literature.

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On the other hand meaning relation based on the two dictionaries is based on their fundamental objectives. Learner’s dictionary involves giving a wide range of information regarding a clause or phrase. From this perspective Learners dictionary is fundamental in equipping learners with basis skills in particular area of study as well as in ensuring that an individual can deploy the concept on practical platform in the society. Also, learners’ dictionary is crucial in giving a wide range of information regarding a particular either as a synonymy and antonym. In learners dictionary is detailed and specialization of concepts or phrases is not evident. On the other hand defining dictionary is diverse in facilitating simplified information regarding a particular piece of literature. The definitions and correlation of words is highly connected to given complex article or document in the society. On this basis defining dictionary is termed as description of other complex dictionaries or as dictionary of detailed dictionaries.

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From the above findings it is apparent that dictionary in the current society are developed from specific fundamental objectives that not only guides learning of its audience but also aims to meet particular objectives. Diversification of the society has resulted to numerous needs to learn and become equipped with various skills crucial in facilitating attainment of literature objectives. Both polysemy and homonyms are evident in society regarded of the approach deployed to identify them. Notably, dictionary plays as instrumental in promoting effective communication in the society either within broad personalities or among a specific groups of individual with common goals. This establishes the fundamental concept that creates division between learner’s dictionary and the defining dictionary. Learner’s dictionary is broad and covers wide ranges of concepts in relation to both literature and other aspects in the society. On the other hand defining dictionary is specific on particular area of expertise aimed at simplification of a complex concept regarding a given phenomena.


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