Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street has a direct bearing on the global financial system as its influence spreads across the globe. The movement seems to be providing a platform for people to air their view, not only in America, but also across the globe. OWS has established legitimacy in several ways. The movement has received support from the ‘Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace’ critique of the global financial system and unchecked capitalism. What this means is that the support by the Vatican adds more fire to the protests not only in the U.S., but also across the globe. This is because, being supported by the Vatican means one is expressing the voice of the majority. It means that the people of any country should also rise and demand accountability from their leaders. It also means that people should rise and question the ideals of capitalism. Moreover, a big question hangs around the future of capitalism because the system seems to be failing. Although some corporations oppose the OWS, such corporations will find themselves on the receiving end, as they seem to support greed. The OWS movement will reengineer a sort of social revolution that will force corporate managers back to the drawing board. Corporations will be forced to rethink how they take public money and how they use it globally (Economics Crisis Resource Center 14).

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It is no secret that OWS and protests occurring across the globe show that the global financial system is not effective. It is also clear that economies will make a radical shift in terms of who has the money and how the money will be spent. There should not arise a situation where a bank would need a bailout, in the first place. This is because asking for a bailout would be akin to acknowledging imprudent management of investor’s money.

As can be seen from this social movement, there are several concerns that it rises for me as a student and for the public, based on the future expectations and desires. I have been worried and concerned over the present as well as the future of Americans. Nonetheless, throughout my youth life during university, I have always found and held the notion that the future portends very interesting and profound dreams, which is contrary to what most people do. According to examinations, fearing about the future is evidently spread across the United States as well as other regions. In the US alone, it can be seen and felt, since every passing day is greeted with protests. The youth are more involved since they appear to be most held in the ransom when contemplating the current recession and other challenges affecting them.

However, during examinations, I personally have always found it extremely fascinating that one group of people is trapped in the past while another is terrified by the future. Although it is believed that the social strife is due to economic resistance, I might not know why all this is happening. It always appears as though we all are trapped in one extreme, thereby leaving no balance in the middle. For instance, in the event that one is held in economic fear about the future, this person might not be able to live even in the present time. During such circumstances, one’s chances and opportunities for happiness are destroyed due to him or her spending time worrying about everything rather than taking charge of the situation.

Nonetheless, I would advice Americans and all those who fear the future to know that it is imperative that they should establish the certainty of the future through the choices and approaches they make. This advice is because everyone who fears the future is normally unable to truly live in the present. These individuals can destroy their chances for happiness because of spending all their time worrying about what is going to happen, instead of enjoying the life they have. Since worrying for the future is the concern of every youth, I have decided to carry out numerous examinations that would show and offer confidence among the young people.

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Through positive and committed thoughts, the uncertain and bleak financial and economic future of America can be made certain and, therefore, save us from the financial recession that is widespread. This is well supported by the American Founding Fathers who observed that America’s citizens should always endeavor to achieve the best for both present and future generations after them. Therefore, this necessitates the need for every American to aim towards such objective throughout their lives. Another significant thing to remember is that the future can be realized by realizing and accepting that things change gradually. Once one understands and accepts this fact, then he or she can allow more time and space towards change. There is a need for those worrying about the future to have thoughtful meditation as one premier way to deal with fearing the future. This is because such meditation brings that person to be in touch with the present moment and offers him or her with better plans than anything else.

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One significant tool of thought that I have always held to is that I belong to the American community. That sense of belonging creates in me the conviction that I am a human being and, as such social creatures, we all need love and affection to and from other humans. This social thought is inclusive and paramount when contemplating about the future. It is also vital to keep in mind that future is more like today. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize and bear in mind that it is the concept created by the individuals that determine and affect the individual’s future. Nonetheless, in order to advance into the future without fear, one needs a positive mindset to have a great deal of power over it.


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