The Alchemy of Race and Rights

Alchemy is the examination of Race and Rights; it involves theories, experimental processes, laboratory testing, and basic terminology. Race is a group of humans in which the world population is divided on the basis of physical characteristics like skin or hair color. Rights are giving you own independent opinion, such personal view includes freedom of movements, worship, and speech. The critical race theory is used to analyze “The Alchemy of Race and Rights” focusing on victimization of people on the basis of gender, class and color.

Patricia Williams, a law professor, carried out a research for critical race theory; her main area of focus was the diversity, education, and community where she links race and law. The connecting idea between community and diversity is to create education systems that are complete with a sense of color. To achieve a united community, they must have a belief in one interest where people within the community having the same similarity to success can be classified based on the content of their brain. A strong bond will be built among the communities as people will develop listening, soliciting, thinking, and action skills to understand one another.

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William Patricia relates the current issues, family conversation, and political aspect to her work as a law professor on realities of black life in America. This is influential in her daily experience as she lectures and practices law. In her essay, “Embracing Change: Teaching in a Multicultural World,” she reveals the variation in multicultural context depending on the respondent being addressed. She appeals to educators to be aware of political display of sex, race, and class. Besides, she encourages scholars to collaborate with students in their line of work.

In Kenya, there are around forty two different tribes with different colors. Due to the emerges of communities, some cultures are being lost, for instance, the Luo community used to remove six lower teeth of a person to show the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. The emergence of various communities as well as world technological development lead to such a practice. In Nyanza province, the core of Luo has high rate of HIV and AIDS infection with the estimated statistical data showing that approximately 0.8% of people are affected; based on this, the community is practicing now male circumcision which used to be against their traditional laws to reduce the spread of the virus.

In addition, even though the Maasai and Turkana communities are still practicing their traditional cultures at a large percentage, there is an introduction of new practice like education. In the earlier days, they used not to attend school with men having to take care of the flock while women remained at home. Girls used to be married at a tender age for exchange of herd of cattle, but the culture is rarely practiced at this time. Moreover, women used to go for female circumcision; in the end, they would develop complication during birth. Various campaigns against female circumcision have been done to sensitize women on the dangers of the practice. This has been made possible by the emergences of different communities living in the country.

In the developed countries, there has been a great debate based on racism. A well-known civil right activist, Martin Luther King Junior, lead a civil right organization in the UnitedState of America in the 19th century fighting for the rights of people who were living in the state at that time. He had a dream that one day his four children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their brains, besides, he also hoped that one day the sons of the king and the queen would sit at the same table with the servants. In the last presidential election of the United State of America, his dreams came to light when Barrack Obama became the 46th president.

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Moreover, from the speech of Martin Luther King, we can clearly see how racism started long time ago. Most of the leaders of the world determine the unity or breakage of a country. Many countries have constitutions that protect a person from being discriminated even though not mush is practiced, but a person can fill protected. Laws against racism give us confidence in our various locations being in a foreign country or place.

Many people believe in living a peaceful life without wars, for example, speaking about Arab countries, the world has been made to understand that they are war-oriented. Critically examining the course of hatred on the basis of religion in these countries to the rest of the world’s religions, it is found that the lifestyle of grown-ups is being brainwashed from a very young age. When a child is born, he/she is told that their main enemy is the government of the UnitedState of America which is wrong, because in the first place the child is not told the reason why. Moreover, the child develops a strong hatred from a young age and only thinks of war, this is the reason why many a time children who are send to be suicide bomber, when rescued, cannot tell why they were doing so.

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Ethnicity on religion has resulted into many wars among countries, for example, in Nigeria, the fight between the Christians and Muslims has been there for a very long time. President Goodwill Jonathan has tried solving the problem because he understood that for people of his country to live peacefully, it is important to come together as one. The same effort was made by former president of the country who came from the Islamic side. Mr. Jonathan had to set a task force that investigated the attack of people in the church; furthermore, he promised that justice will be done for people who carried out the operation.

In Patricia Williams’s diary, she explains the impact of economic status of people on the society and how it influences salaries based on race. She explains that perhaps it is someone’s fault to be poor by making irrational choices in life on how to make wealth. In today’s world, one becomes what he or she intends to be regardless of their background, some people still associate themselves with the early slavery period. Historically, due to slavery in various parts of the world, families were broken and people found themselves in different parts of the world where they started a life. Patricia gives an example of her grandmother who was bought by a white male and gave birth to children who were later taken away by her boss. She was frequently being raped by her master; moreover, she also explains how two different house servants, one being a white and another being a black, working at the same hours earned different salaries. A white maid earns $200 while a black earns $150. She explains that power determines the person, those who have no power language will still suffer. So, there is a need for one to understand his or her rights before their efforts get wasted.

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Companies have different policies when it comes to condition of work and breaks. In an article of a Kenyan popular newsletter, ‘’Crazy Monday’’, a reporter explained how Africans living in diaspora do not fit in the culture and new lifestyle to make ends meet. He explains hoe they have to work extra hours to make more money; besides, their holidays are shortend when they are recalled back by employers.

In conclusion, we need to understand our country’s law based on race and rights for us to live together as a family. Leaders should encourage exchange of culture and intermarriages to enable people to bond together. Laws governing human rights should be practiced and sensitization of people based on them should be done.


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