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The Difference  in Food

Food crisis has been spreading to several countries in the world for the last few decades. However, this happens as other countries produce more than what they consume, thus depending on exportation of agricultural products. This paper discusses the difference of the food concerns in the United States of America and Kuwait.

The USA boosts with agriculture as its principal industry. The industry produces varied agricultural products that sustain its local demands and exports to other countries. These products range from crops to animal products. Among the leading crop products are corn, vegetables, and fruits. These products either go as fresh products or processed products. Animal products include cattle meat and dairy products. On the contrary, Kuwait experiences shortage of food every year. In fact, Kuwait relies majorly on importation of food. Cereals, vegetables, and fruits in Kuwait are insufficient and rare to find. The only agricultural product found in an adequate amount is fish. This is because of the shrimps and other seafood found in the Persia Gulf in the country.

Factors that lead to the contrasting food situations in the two countries are diverse. The two countries face different levels of opportunities in terms of availability of arable land. The USA enjoys the availability of 992 million acres of arable land. The land is available in large units, thus it makes the cultivation process easier than that of smaller units of land. In Kuwait, only 0.4% of its land is arable. This represents a small percentage that cannot sustain the needs of the people in Kuwait (Ibp Usa, 2009).

The United States of America enjoys a climate suitable for agriculture. The well spaced winters and summers suit both the cultivation and the harvesting seasons respectively. There is adequate rainfall in the USA, which supplements water for crop production. The chilly winters are favorable for dairy farming by ensuring the animals rarely get infectious diseases. In Kuwait, the climate is arid, thus unfavorable for crop production. One hundred percent of the cultivated land is under irrigation, which makes the processing expensive.

Kuwait has inadequate skilled personnel and farm machinery to take care of its agricultural sector. The arid location of Kuwait makes agriculture the least desired field of interest in studies. In the USA, there are enough skilled labor and farm machineries that ensure both quantity and quality standards meet the threshold.

Government policies play a significant role in determining the food situation of a country as well. In USA, the policies set by the government safeguard the interests of the food situation and farmers. The USA government has farm bills that are on a continuous evolution. This caters for the changing economy and agricultural technology. This bill ensures that there is ample production of food by granting loans to farmers and provision of farm tools to those who are unable to afford. The bills also control food prices, thus ensuring that the farmer gets a motivation in agriculture. In Kuwait, the government has been reluctant in setting up measures necessary to curb the crisis. Absence of agricultural bills and governing policies drives away potential investors in the field (Hulse, 1995).

In conclusion, the differences in the food situation in the two countries are diverse. However, the USA should be cautious in the escalating food prices it faces. Though these prices depend on other sectors such as oil, there is a dire need to control food prices in the USA. The Kuwait government needs implementation of measures that will improve its shortage of food production. This includes setting up irrigation farms on arable land and training skilled laborers to steer the agricultural sector. Apart from direct importation, the government can invest in the buying of arable land in other countries, which will help reduce on the importation cost and ensure an adequate supply of food.


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