Cultural Influence on American Education

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The teaching profession is indeed the most challenging job. This is because the welfare of the students lies on the hands of the teacher. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teacher to instill the required knowledge in them. It is the effort of the teacher not only to educate children but prepare the future leaders.

The American education has taken that into consideration. To achieve these goals it is based on the following philosophies: progressivism, essentialism, perennialism and existentialism. The philosophy of essentialism presumes that there is some basic ideas and knowledge that are important to human civilization and culture. It was established that it is advantageous when a student learns these basic things from the established education system. The idea that the mind is the basic element of reality satisfies the reason to equip a child’s mind with the basic concepts that will make his life more ideal.

The American education system has a progressive aspect. It has the possibility to move forward in series of steps which were related with the end view of the learner. The source behind this idea was the philosophy of John Dewey. His perception was that education should emphasize on developing and broadening the intellects of critical thinking skills. This enables the learners to study from experiences of others and improve their problem solving skills. This reflection provides a pertinent mirror for the future.

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The philosophy that differentiates human beings from beasts is that human beings have the ability to think, and this is what gives them the consciousness. This is a metaphysical question that perennialists have used to impact on education system to proclaim the common nature of people. After the World War II, the idea of existentialism gained consciousness. This is where was an inward search and unwillingness to accept classification of a society.


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