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Students from high school have in most cases been taken directly into colleges. Some parents argue that this is good for the development of the student since they save time and get into employment at an early age. This would lead in the long run a longer time in employment thus better pension. Despite the need for students to quickly achieve their career objectives and aspirations, students should spend a year out of school before they join college. This is because the period gives the students time to critically evaluate and research on the best careers for them and where their passion and talent would be best utilized. The period also gives the student time to have a more thorough approach to life and have an insight of what the society expects out of them after college.

Should Students Wait for a year before joining college?

Students need time to discover their career potential and passion. They should therefore take a year out of school before they join college after high school. This gives them time to re-examine the opportunities available for them before they can even choose their careers. Choosing a career that has many opportunities may be seen as a positive decision, but it is better if one chose a career that they are best suited in and one that they would enjoy working in. Some crusaders have termed some careers as better than others but since we cannot all fit in them need to diversify. The student will therefore need time to choose from the available opportunities and at the same time choose a career they would enjoy following for the rest of their lives. If the one-year period is not accorded to a less knowledgeable person, we may end up losing people best suited in one area going to another area. Such students complain throughout their time in college and rarely make the best working personnel.

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Students from high school have little experience and social knowledge about life. They fully depend on their parents and rarely have an insight of what life entails. They are expected to start families and more intense responsibilities after college thus require an idea of what they ought to be looking out during their time in college. After high school, students are seen as more responsible for themselves and little pocket money is provided by the guardian. The sense of responsibility to manage the little they get is vital as they proceed to the next level of education. It can be asserted from the fact that most people who skip this stage end up becoming less efficient in fulfilling their roles in the society. During my das in college, a friend who had skipped the stage was overwhelmed by the added freedom we had in college and spent most of his time drinking and watching movies. He came out of college as a dependent person and had a hard time learning that he was a grown up and was supposed to take responsibility of his life. The things he enjoyed most were those that we had done after completing high school.


It is important that we have our students absorbed in workplaces at their earliest ages possible in order to mature the society earlier. However, there is need to ensure that the highest level of responsibility and work ethics will be transferred from college to the workplaces. The college graduates need to have their best suited jobs that they will appreciate and honor as their own. There is therefore a higher likelihood that we shall have suitable professional that will give excellent results. Further, the sense of responsibility and sanity in the society will be upheld by the young people who will take charge of the society. It is therefore paramount that students taka a year off school before joining college.


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