Whether Uniforms should be introduced in schools have been a controversial issue recently. There are many advantages of having the students and pupils wearing uniforms in schools. The advantages of uniforms in schools outdo the disadvantages of uniforms. Schools where the students wear uniform, students tend to perform better than the ones in schools not wearing uniforms.

The students are able to concentrate more on their studies. The code of dressing may be a way to express someone’s social status. The students come from different backgrounds any some may come from humble backgrounds. The students may not afford the clothes on fashion and this may result to ridicule from other students. This may cause distress on the students resulting to poor performance in the academic work. Other students may be busy showing of their outfits rather than concentrating on their studies.

Uniforms improve the solidarity among the students. Students wearing the same uniform feel a sense of belonging to a certain community. This helps the students to be friendly with one another. It improves the social relationships among the students. Some students ridicule and refuse talking to some of their classmates due to the way they are dressed. With uniforms in schools, students socialize with one another without considering others by the way they are dressed but their personality and character.

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It saves the students the agony of deciding what to wear every time they are going to school. The students may waste a lot of time deciding what to wear, as they try to figure out the outfit that will outdo their friends’. It saves students and parents the anguish of visiting the shopping malls so often to buy new outfits to show off at school.

It promotes decency in schools. Uniforms are decent clothing that when worn by students they look smart and presentable. In cases where the students do not wear uniforms, some students especially ladies may were provocative outfits. This may be a form of distraction in the lecture and classrooms to other students.

In conclusion, despite several disadvantages of uniforms like lack of self expression, the benefits are far much more than the disadvantages. It makes the students acquire a sense of belonging to one community thus socialize well with other students. It also makes the students to look presentable and smart and also help students to concentrate in there studies rather than trying to show off their social status. There are many benefits of having uniforms in schools.


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