Evaluation of Self-Concept

The evaluation of self-concept with respect to the adult students required the linguistic adaptation of a scale to determine the self-concept targeting learning capabilities. The application of this instrument served the purpose of the evaluation of perception to the attitudes of others on an individual basis in addition to a personal acceptance of an individual. This therefore facilitates for the adoption of the idea relating to the building of self-concept on a personal perception regarding the manner that the rest of the society perceives an individual and the value that the significant persons attributes to an individual in the environment. The significant persons in these perspectives have the relevance of the peers in the school environment. The design of the scale is in line with multi-dimensional nature related to the self-concept and it incorporates the use of personal, educational as well as social dimensions relating to the self concept (Allyn & Bacon, 2002).

The methods that have been applied for the presentation and the analysis of data have been found to be appropriate and they are also informative in the presentation of data. They have led to the undoubtedly necessity in conducting a more detailed study of common as well as the diverse features of the different varieties of learning capabilites with regards to the representative samples. The analyzed data also brings about the possibility of outlining the various academic strategies that are responsible for the optimization of the processes of integration of the entire adult students (Huba & Freed, 1999).This is in comparison to the lower level of the same in consideration of the peer students in the adult students. There is thus a possibility of improving these aspects that is consequential to the improvement of the academic achievement and their performance when Social integration of adult students in community college is implemented in schools (Allyn & Bacon, 2002). There is a need to improve teaching, learning, and student achievement in community schools

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The discussion as well as the analysis of data is sufficiently detailed since it facilitates the application of research methods that facilitates the gathering of appropriate data and this was achieved. The issue of the social integration of adult students in community college and its impact on their academic achievement and their performance has been appropriately been addressed through the discussions as well as the analysis of data in this study. The data that has been analyzed is sufficient to support the conclusions that have been arrived at in this study. The conclusions have also been sufficient to derive a solution of the research question. The research has also taken considerable measures in the acknowledgement of the possible limitations that inhibits the success of social integration of adult students in community college and its impact on their academic achievement and their performance (Huba & Freed, 1999).

The study however considers the perception of the peers of the adult students and it is a special tool for enabling for the suggestions of the possible strategies of education in consideration of the diverse variables. There is a need for the consideration of the relevant activities that are potentially directive to areas that have been highlighted to be influential towards constructing self-images of adult students together with the facilitation of their social integration in classroom. The factors that are influential towards the accumulation of the self-concept have been identified to be multiple as well as interrelated to a point that a comprehensive description as well as differentiation is associated with practical impossibilities. Academic conditions like the styles of teaching are vital as they positively influence peer relations to improve teaching, learning, and student achievement. This allows for the teacher to be perceived as the model with regard to the attitudes in relation to the adult students. This in turn influences the achievement and the performance of the adult students.

Colleges and Universities are in focus on how productive they are in terms of the quality of graduating students they generate into the society and how this is reflected generally in the outside world. For this reason, the urge for these institutions of learning to present proofs of efficiency and their levels of proficiency in delivering services to the community is on the rise. Affiliated with this movement is a first time endeavor to improve on the teaching professionalism, learning processes, and with the impetus of enabling student subsist their academic dreams (Allyn & Bacon Banta and Associates 2002).

Societal Colleges and publicized universities have also been noted bringing up critical concerns in attempts to addressing issues of student performance, institutional assessments, maintenance of high standards, and educational competency. The prime mission behind all these is to take a notch higher, quality education for all students, in the interest of bettering the society and the academic fraternities.


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