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Most of our young children look up to their adults as their role model. Adult education will instil a culture of learning and hard work towards eradicating illiteracy in our society. Our children will learn that education is an important key in unlocking the major barriers that stand between us and success. They will develop a passion to get into classes and learn new things because already they can see how their parents and elderly ones are benefiting from doing so. Building the culture of being literate right from the roots of our young ones will be of great benefit to our community. The benefits of adult education overshadow by far the difficulties in pursuing it.

Although it may require a lot of money to put up, we must remember that the cost of adult education should be looked at in relation to the benefits that it brings along. This is the competency of the adults. Putting up of this program will require capital to be able to set up the institution and to kick start it off. This program will require money for the lease of the building where the institution is to be set up and also to purchase the necessary facilities that will make learning comfortable for our students. It with this thought in mind that we propose 5% of our 90 million education budget to go into this adult education program. This budget has been drawn from researches about previous programs like this one. In the beginning it will seem like a huge task to accomplish but I can assure you board members that with honesty, transparency and hard work it will be a success.

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The money that goes into this program will be monitored by a committee that will be put into place, and they will give a monthly report on how it is being spent. There is need for accounting of every penny that goes into this because it is going to be a huge sacrifice to start off the program, but we are all doing this in the best interests of our community. The progress of this institution will be evaluated and rated to know whether it is on course or not.

To do this evaluation, tests and examination will be given to the students in order to evaluate on how much they are gaining from the program in the various courses or fields that they are in (Wetzel, 2008). The students will also be handed questionnaires from time to time which will seek to find out about the interaction levels between themselves and also with their teachers. This will go a long way in promoting the spirit of unity and team work and also deal with any issues that may be affecting the smooth learning at the institution. There will also be open forums for the students to give their ideas and thoughts on how they feel the program can be improved in order to be of benefit to them and the society. The findings from these evaluations will then be presented to a committee that will look into them and provide a detailed report which will be presented to members of this board three times in a year.

We would like to thank you board members for listening to our proposal. The team that has been working on this program is a committed one and everyone is eager to start what will become the ultimate transformation in our community. It is our hope that we have presented a strong case to be able to get the go ahead to start off this program. Thank you once again.


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