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Education System

Education system is a key resource to a nation. When the citizens of a nation are well educated there is a likelihood of less dependence ration being registered in the nation. Education system has always been dynamic specifically to cater for the needs of the citizens of a nation. There are times when a system might be bias against a given section of the population or even a given group; in such cases good governance dictates that the system be reformed to be inclusive and benefit all the citizens for the common good of the nation. In reference to the above introduction this paper sets out to show how the education system has changed in the US since the civil war. This paper will seek to make an argument about why and how the education system has changed particularly since the civil war. This is done with a special reference given to the African Americans. The paper makes use of three primary sources and other secondary sources.

The American civil can be said to be one of those single events which brought much change to the American way of life. Among the many sector of everyday life which witnessed much revolution was the education sector especially when African Americans were in question. The changes were made possible through the amendments which were made on the constitution majorly the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth amendments. These amendments made it possible for the African Americans to get a chance to enjoy privileges such as education. It is reported that before the civil war the percentage of literate African Americans was quite negligible. This was because it was considered a crime to educate an African American especial in the Southern of USA. After the civil war therefore it was a significant change that the African Americans were able to access education. This can be considered as the first biggest change in the education system in reference to the African Americans. For the first time, the African Americans were able to freely access education; it was a long awaited change and most welcomed one. It should be noted that it rather took much time for the African Americans’ involvement in education matters.

One may ask why this change was necessary. The change was necessary because the African Americans had been granted their freedom and therefore were viewed as US citizens unlike before when they were not. Accordingly being citizens they were to access all the privileges that were meant for the citizens. Education is among such a privilege hence the African Americans had to enjoy that privilege.


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