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It should be noted that through the fourteenth amendment it was possible for the African American to access education. This was not warmly welcomed by the whites who viewed it as wrong. Instead the education system was divided into two systems one exclusively for the whites and the other for the African Americans. Education was accessible to the African Americans but then the system brought with it further discrimination. The segregation in the education system was so serious that everything was different from textbooks, teachers, and even schools. Thus though the constitution declared the African Americans citizens, still discrimination was evident in the education sector. Though the system had made a significant change into accepting Africa n Americans it still discriminated against the African Americans. The path was still long with more changes required in the education sector. Needless to say the quality of education given to the African was diluted and much compromised. The path was still long and more changes were still needed in the education sector as far as the African America ns were in the light. Though cases like Plessy v.Ferguson brought to light the intensity of discrimination prevailing at that time, it was watered down to the doctrine of separate but equal. Many facilities were considered separate but equal (Orfield, Gary and Erica Frankenberg 2).

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In what was called the Jim Craw Era the doctrine of separate but equal is said to have grown increasingly unequal. This had significant implication in the education system. The education system given to the whites was quite superior as compared to the one fed to the African Americans. It was clear that though the African American could access education, their education system needed reformation. There was a need for a change, a change to access more quality education which could be meaningful to the African Americans. It is reported that segregation at the time was so wide that the African American teachers did double workloads but received half the salary that the white teachers received. This was evidently seen in the south where the states spent twice the amount they could spend on the African American children. The African America n children always stayed more out of session as compared to the white children. These measures would forever put the African behind in every sector of life and as result many civil rights leaders sought to stop this segregation in the education system.

The education system first violated the fourteenth amendment because the segregation was so wide that it amounted to discrimination. The fight to attempt to change the education system was led by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) (Orfield, Gary and Erica Frankenberg 4).


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