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For this activity, you should form a group of three and each group will use the internet to find and record information about the history of computers. Each group member should come to class prepared to present their research findings in the next lesson. Your research should try to answer the following questions:

  • Who invented computers? And what drove him/her into the invention.
  • Who developed the first computer? In which year? And what was the name of the computer?
  • How has the computers developed from the mainframe to the laptops and palm tops we have today? Who were the contributors?


  1. Go to a search engine of your choice and type key words or phrases that you think will be useful in locating appropriate websites for your task.
  2. Look for the first ten results of your search. If nothing useful was searched, try using other words or phrases.
  3. Use the questions above to help you take notes. The notes will be used for the class presentation.
  4. Each group member should write a shot paragraph at the end of their report evaluating the search engine they used.

This task is suitable to students in grade 1-6 and above.


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