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I hold a B.Sc. with Honors in Electrical Engineering from University of Khartoum, Khartoum Sudan, and a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, MI with a 3.719 GPA. I have been living in the United States for the last 12 years; during this time I worked as a computer consultant, software engineer, and currently I work as a project engineer. My resume lists an assortment of my professional undertakings, but it falls short to capture the variety of things I have completed and excludes many other portions of my life that I consider should be included in any assessment of my accomplishments. Consequently, I would like to summarize a number of my other goings-on and thrash out the things that are excluded in my resume. The following points summarize my academic and work experience:

Academic Excellence and Diversity
I have excelled throughout my interdisciplinary academic career and received numerous academic awards in my Intermediate and High schools. I was among ten students in my region (Kordufan province) that were accepted to Khor Omer High schools which is apparently the best high school in Sudan since it only accepts students with high academic capabilities. I was among the five students in my region who were accepted to the University of Khartoum, which is the highest ranked university in Sudan. After one year in Faculty of Science, I moved on to the electrical engineering department, the highest department in the faculty of Engineering, after a tough competition. My B.Sc. program included courses in economics, physics, chemistry, and mathematics and my graduation research was “Computation of Electromagnetic Wave Diffraction using Geometrical Optics Techniques”. During my MEE, I have taken classes in control systems, mathematics, object oriented programming, signal processing, advance embedded system, and my major was on Signal and Systems. My PhD program included classes in advancde mathematics, optical fiber communications, fuzzy systems and neural networks, and some classes in linear, discrete, and non-linear control. I finished 42 credit hours out of 60 with 3.86 GPA.

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Work Experience

I worked at 21’st Century Computing where I participated in designing and development of a com driver using visual C++ language to interface between Remote Terminal Units (RTU), and Main Terminal Unit (MTU) through  Radio Network using DF1 Protocol (modified Allan Bradley radio Protocol) to allow monitoring and controlling of Detroit city water and sewage department’s pump stations. I am currently working at SensorData Inc. where I participated in the following projects:

  1. Designed a 16-bit wireless transmission system for micro-level signals between sup-systems. This included Design of Wheatstone bridge amplifier circuitry, Signal digitizing circuitry, and R/F signal transmission.
  2. Developed a FAT driver for TI-MASP 430 micro-controller to write sensor output to a SD memory.
  3. Developed the company’s rotary transformer line to improve transmission efficiency.
  4. Developed an interface using LabView software for a wireless torque signal.

I am currently working in a collaboration effort with MAHLE to develop a technique for oil film thickness measurement in the small end of a connecting rod.
Commitment and Discipline
With ten years of diverse academic and professional experience, I have earned an elevated sense of self-discipline. I am committed to undertaking all endeavors and challenges fully and wholeheartedly. I believe I have the motive to complete and succeed in my PhD program.
A Unique Perspective
In the quest for a post graduate degree, I seek to advance my research and polish my personal engineering know-how. I have set up a solid academic base that is vital for success in diverse experiences in my life. Currently, I am a software engineer in the research and development department with automotive supplier. I am a husband and a father of 15 months son. Working harmoniously with my community members has given me an enhanced understanding of the challenges, frustrations, and expectations facing them.


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