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Philadelphia Seventy Sixers is a professional basketball team. Throughout the history, the team has won several champions with three wins in National Basketball Associations (NBA). Unfortunately, after winning the three champions, the team has made to the finals only once, during which they lost to Los Angeles Lakers (Silva, 2008). Currently, the club is on a verge of taking new measures to increase its performance. The new team manager is doing best he can to end the championship drought. The team wants to secure a trophy at Wells Fargo Center during 2011-2012 seasons.

In order to win a championship, Philadelphia Seventy Sixers Basket Ball Team has to take some basic measures (Gelston, 2010). Some of the steps that the team should incorporate include, first of all, good organization. The current coach, Doug Collins, should address internal problems within the team. New players need to be be incorporated. This will help to bring new talents into the team.

Secondly and most important is that the team must be strengthened. It mainly involves organizing the players in the positions they should take in the pitch. The coach can put both Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand on the forward spot (Silva, 2008). This duo will play a crucial role in ensuring that the team scores. The first line up must be made of experienced players. This will strengthen the Philadelphia 76ers. It will ensure a team’s splash and secure a win.

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Thirdly, the change in the team management may play a cruciall role in securing the team to win the trophy (Wanmaker, 2011). A well focused management will enable the Seventy Sixers to work in a positive direction. It is possible due to the support that the management is going to give them. The general manager should ensure that the team is given any form of support it may require. In this way the coach will have the morale to transform the team.

Fourthly, the team should be engaged in thorough training. This will help them to indentify their weak points and look for solutions before the competition begins (Gelston, 2010). Training will make the team perfect as well as identify the position that each player can perform best. Moreover, the team can play with other teams to gauge their level prior to the competition (Silva, 2008). The coach may organize several friendly matches with teams of their level to give them some experience and ability to compete with teams of a higher profile.

Fifthly, the team has a new set of stars who should be involved in the practice. This will increase coordination and teamwork among players. Previously, the team has hired new players who tried their best to add another championship without success. Therefore, new players do not guarantee the team a win at the end (Silva, 2008). It depends on the attitude of the players and the training that they have gone through. Indeed, the major reason that was cited for the failure of the team to win the champion in 1998 in inability to play within the system that was described by the coach, Eddie Jordan. The coach was fired that season. Thus, all individuals involved in ensuring the success of team should coordinate effectively.

Finally, the team should have enough skilled substitutes who would replace their key players after wearing down or in case of injury. For instance, someone should be there to replace a player of high profile such as Iguodala in case he is off the pitch (Wanmaker, 2011). This implies that the team should not only consider its first line up but also substitutes who have the potential to render the same results.

If the following measures are implemented, the team is likely to make a push this season. The team is willing not only to get the playoffs tickets with the highest hopes on Evan Turner, who is expected to make a rotation but also to get a trophy. In deed, 76ers have the capacity to win the championship this season. They have the best players with the potential to show their prowess in basketball.


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