Learning and Teaching

At the beginning of the lesson, the instructor (teacher) will introduce learners to the topic in a very interesting and enthusiastic manner. Previous lessons, that the present lesson is based on, will be reviewed to give learners adequate background information necessary for the effective understanding of the lesson. The teacher will talk about the tongue, its function and general structure then he will pose questions to students regarding what they can do with their tongues and the usefulness of the taste organ.

In the second part of the teacher will tell students about human tongue and the four different tastes (sweet, sour, salty and bitter). The teacher will first identify few examples of three food substances students know of and in turn ask student to determine their corresponding tastes. Once this task is well accomplished, the teacher will pose question to student asking them to identify different foods that are most familiar to them alongside their tastes. The teacher will also relate the lesson to the real life and previous learning experiences since effective learning of new knowledge starts from what the learner has already known. This will motivate learners to participate in the learning process, remain active throughout the class time and relate the newly learned knowledge and the relevant applications in the real life situation.

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After successful introduction, the teacher will divide students into their respective homogenous groups of 4-5 students based on age, gender, cultural background, interest, and performance level. Learners will then be given through instructions on how to go about the learning activity i.e. the procedures to be undertaken during the exercise, recording of learning experiences, and presentation of learning outcomes. During the lesson, every group will be required to taste the prepared foods, takes photos of them and mark down how they feel about different foods. This procedure will be repeated to an assortment of foods after which students will be asked to guess taste of various foods they eat on a daily basis. At the end of the lesson, all the groups will make a class presentation on their favorite foods and their corresponding tastes.

Assessment: The teacher will be going round supervising student’s activities throughout the lesson. From time to time, the teacher will ask students questions, make any necessary clarification and offer support incase students are experiencing difficulty in the course of the lesson.

Short Description of the Lesson: The lesson will be conducted to enable the learners learn how to write a card and all processes involved in the posting of a card at the Post Office.

Classroom layout and grouping of students: The teacher will divide students in groups of 4-5 during the lesson. The students will be first organized in homogenous groups based on their skill levels, interests, gender, cultural background, same abilities and test scores to enhance the degree of students’ participation in the class. The group homogeneity serves the purpose of creating friendly learning environment for all students- a requirement for promoting degree of student participation in their respective groups. For the purposes of effective instruction and learning at the group level, a student leader who is experienced in card writing and posting will be appointed help other inexperienced students perform the learning tasks. The leader will guide other students within the group on how to decorate, write and post a card to the post office.

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The general instructions on how to write and decorate cards will first be given to all students in the class and in their small groups respectively. During the entire period of lesson, the teacher will be moving from one group to another supervising how the students are drawing, writing and decorating their cards to ensure that they (students) develop the required skills. The teacher will help all those students who experience difficulty drawing and decorating.

Curriculum Standards: The curriculum requires students to master the art of decorating, writing and posting cards such as Birthday and Christmas Cards at the post office without any help from an adult (teacher or parents).

Performance Indicators: Students will be in a position to write, draw, and decorate and post different kinds of cards at the post office without any difficulty. They should also be able to familiarize themselves with the procedures of posting a card at the post office.

Instructional Objectives: by the end of the lesson learners will be able to:

i) Draw, write and decorate a card.

ii) Tell where cards get posted, how to fix stamps on card and out it in a posting box

iii) Write an address on the post card by writing to “To” at the top of the letter and “Love” at the bottom independently.

Materials, Resources and Technology: This lesson will require different colors of cards to decorate, variety of card samples, green papers cut out for students to cut, PVA glue, glitters, brown paper, Merry Christmas and note cut out, (with room for students to write “To Mom and Dad, ….Love, (name), big envelopes with students addresses and student name writing paper.

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Instructional Procedures: The students have been taught how to write, decorate, and post a card at the Post Office in the previous lessons. After the song, the teacher will define the meaning of key terms for the purposes of clear understanding and familiarity with the post Office environments. Secondly, students will be provided with all the materials necessary for the decoration and writing of cards in their groups after the teacher has staged a classroom demonstration in line with the concept of Discovery Learning Theory.


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