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My name is Jessica Sanchez, currently I am a student at Orange County Community College, majoring in Biology. Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by nature. I always felt a huge passion for the narture since my childhood and that is why I always wanted to learn more about the environment.

I have always been impressed and attracted by the Maritime College because of its mission and strategic location. The other reason why I chose your school is great reputation. I know it will help me to achieve in order to succeed in my future career. I believe that Maritime College will help me to satisfy my curiosity in the field of conserving the environment.

I have been exposed to several environmental affairs throughout my life. In my course work I have done Environmental Conservation diversity of life and biology. I have been in the U.S. Coast Guard for seven years. While dealing with environmental issues I have got the experience. I had the chance to participate in a case connected with oil spill which is one of the largest oil spills in the history of the petroleum industry. We assisted in cleaning the sea after the accident. I have also completed EPA incident command system training which deals with interagency enforcement.

I am hardworking person; both in my academic work and at my work place. My projected GPA after graduation will be over 3.0. I was also in the dean’s list in spring 2011 as one of the best students. I hope that I will join Maritime College and will be a part of your team. I want to thank you in advance for your consideration of my application.


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