Learning is an intriguing part of an individual’s life.Individuals apply what they have learnt in subsequent areas that one may venture into, for instance, the work place, at home and even in a society. Throughout my course, I have learnt the significance of accepting corrections. This is because it plays an extremely crucial role in the molding on the person that one becomes. In addition to this, one can be better in everything that they undertake to do.

The goal of teamwork has enabled me to be more dynamic to new classmates and roommates. The nervousness and confusion when faced by strangers in this English speaking environment and the need to improve my English language has diminished due to teamwork. This is because being a gentle and sensitive person; I am always sensitive to ridicules. I have always wanted to be included in group discussions, and be acceptable to the groups. In order to do this, I need to be proactive as this will change my character, and be capable of adapting to the different situations of the group discussions.

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There is the need of preparing for the topic to discuss as this makes me feel comfortable while communicating in the group. Active listening has enabled me to receive messages clearly as I want to be social with people. Being social helps me in improving the English language, and learning new words. As a golden retriever, who has a sensitive and gentle personality, active listening has helped in interpreting what people are saying, filling the gaps that exist and responding to the discussion. Listening helps to understand the needs of other people so that, in return, one fulfills their needs. The ability to receive messages accurately indicates that one understands the current situation. This tool helps to make new friends and the building of the English knowledge, thus becoming a social person.

Assessment is another tool that is useful in valuation of self as it is used to demonstrate, understanding and the measurement of efforts. This tool of assessment has helped me in assessing myself on how to create relationships that are healthy and those that are beneficial. My drive is to be more sociable and I believe that this comes from the feedback of others, and due to being a golden retriever; I have a gentle and an uncommunicative personality. This implies that I have trouble while communicating to others. This has been used to validate my assumptions by my teammate’s assessment.

The value of my assessment by my teammates is through communication and the developments which do mean that mostly I act when asked to and the sharing of ideas is occasional. There are adjustments that I intend to improve as they will enable me to contribute more to in the team and be more communicative with the dynamics, which is the tool belt goal by the use of the assessment tool. Through the feedback from other people, I am able to clearly recognize my self accurately as most of my teammates are usually valuing my assessment through communication. There is also need to use the assessment tool to assess my teammate’s feedback and communication that would make the team better. As assessment is different from judgment, I will need to use it to assess others and construct feedbacks so that I will be using it in my daily life (2011).

The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word as my word is the power that I will have to create. It is through the word that I manifest everything as it is the force that that expresses and communicate and this creates events in my life. Thus, being impeccable is not the use of the word against yourself like in a scenario where you call someone stupid, this is using of the word against that someone, but this word is really against me as he is going to hate me for this. Thus, getting angry with my word will inflict all the emotions into me, and this is because I am using the word against my self.

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When I love my self, the word will express the love in the interaction and this shows that I am impeccable with my word as the conversation has produced a reaction of liking. When you love someone, that someone will definitely love you. To be impeccable with my word is to direct my energies in the rightful use of truth and love for myself as making an agreement with my self to be impeccable with my word with that intention; there will be truth manifestation, in me, which cleans the poison emotions that are in existence in me. The impeccability of using the word has also given me the immunity from others negativity who would seek to build negative ideas within me, and I never became the fertile ground for words coming from the negative side of word misuse. The impeccability of the word measure the level of my self love and how I am feeling about myself is directly proportion to the quality of my word.

The stretch that I choose is to talk to someone on my floor that I have never met. Before I had engaged in this outside stretch, our RA john had created the great idea of being social, and the boards were posted to everyone’s door with an intention of making our door remain open as he said that he will be looking it occasionally. This prompted me to keep the door open, and I decided to walk looking around whether I could find an open door which had a Michael Jordan poster. I went in greeted him and we conversed more of the heroes in basket ball, and I discovered that this was an experience that was great although it was difficult at the beginning. I did encouraged myself to talk to him once again when I came into contact with him, and things became easier because we shared the same interest and topic and could not be embarrassed.

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By this time, I could now be prepared and intentionally talk to somebody about any topic that I felt to be interesting. It was difficult to start the out stretch as I was a gold retriever and thus contact with someone was hard, but it later turned out to be easy as I could talk to someone who I never talked or seen before. The experience has made me live the life of a person who is awake and constantly be engaged to people that are around me as I want to be myself.

From the goals of the tool belt, my goal and the intention is to be a more dynamic and gregarious while facing strangers and getting involved in groups. The ability to communicate effectively to others had enabled me to enhance emotional intelligence, intentional mechanism active leaning and feedback as my tool belt as they have helped me communicate socially and using in real life much often.

I have found interest and great expectation in the stretch I have chosen as they trigger my reactions while handling a situation by the use of intentions that are prepared. This will help in handling of situations when they occur in the future as Louis Pasteur famous saying that ` a chance favors only the prepared mind’. I have learnt that in order to get something you have to struggle to get it and be prepared to do practices for it before reaching for the decision to make it as it is easier to handle and complete when you are prepared than beings unprepared.

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I intend to venture into the hospitality industry in the capacity of a manager. This is subject to the fact that I am taking a major in hospitality. The hospitality industry has become vast over time due to the various developments witnessed, especially technologically. The tremendous growth of the industry has been an essential source of motivation. In order for the industry to grow even further, eloquent personnel are necessary. On this basis, I intend to join the industry and implement my expertise to drive the industry to greater heights.

Through my penetration into the industry, I intend to achieve results that are bent towards consumer satisfaction and employee motivation. This will ensure that the people we serve in my organization are catered for in a manner that satisfies them best. This means that the organization will attain consumer loyalty through my leadership. Under my leadership, consumer needs will be prioritized. In order to achieve this, employees will need to be motivated. As the leader, in a managerial position, I will ensure that employees are treated with the respect that they deserve; actions towards them will also be justice-driven.

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In order to achieve my targeted results, I will apply some of the course tools learnt in class. My first goal of consumer satisfaction will be achieved through the tool of active listening. This means that I will listen to what consumers’ responses in regards to services offered to them. Therefore, I will be aware of their needs, and come up with policies that are bent towards meeting these needs. This will translate into more consumers seeking our services, and hence, higher profit levels within the company. With regards to my second goal of employee motivation, I will implement the tool of assessment. This implies that I will introduce performance evaluation within the organization. This will seek to assess the performance levels of employees. As such, those employees that perform exemplary well will receive rewards. This will motivate every employee to go the extra mile in order to be rewarded.

In order to achieve these results, I will need to come up with an action plan. Ton achieve the goal of consumer satisfaction, I will come up with a system that allows consumers to put forward their suggestions on what should be improved in terms of service provision. This will then be reviewed and implemented appropriately. For the attainment of the second goal of employee motivation, I will implement a performance evaluation system. This will clearly indicate which goals ought to be met in order to attain a certain reward. This will ensure that the employees are well aware of what is expected of them.

I intend to implement these action plans within the first two financial years after I have assumed a managerial position. With time, I will make changes as I deem right subject to other changes that will be occurring within the industry. By doing this, I will have a massive impact in the hospitality industry. I look forward to making my intentions a reality.


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