Alaska Area Diabetes Program

Alaska Area Diabetes Program is a non-profit health organization, which seeks to prevent and control the diabetes disease. There is a strategic plan to be implemented to assist in controlling and preventing diabetes: a disease which has harmed many people’s lives. Various organizations recommend this plan, including village clinics, municipal agencies, health professional organizations, and Alaskans with Diabetes among other groups. The plan also aims at preventing diabetes among entire population using educational programs and encouraging changes towards healthy lifestyle. With incidents of diabetes increasing in number Diabetes in Alaska requires cost-effective and creative approaches to prevent the spread of disease.

Implementation of these plans requires support and collaboration with many partners countrywide. It also entails a challenge to influence and change health of present and future generations of Alaskans. A team of prevention and control program has been established to facilitate the process. Over the past decade, diabetes cases have significantly increased in number and are projected to increase further for the subsequent decades. This increase places lot of strain on healthcare resources and consequently its budget. Moreover, averting and/or controlling diabetes is a contribution of many institutions including policy makers, public health officials, health care systems, researchers, health educators and others (Wild, Roglic, Green, Sicree, King 2004).

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This program aim is also to encourage leaders of various states to react to challenges caused by diabetes. This strategic plan has several objectives. The first one entails strategies that promote healthy life style on the state-wide level. The second goal is provision of affordable clinical care offered to the Alaskans with the disease. The information about patients and the disease is gathered, scrutinized, and reported giving a current picture of the disease and allowing to predict its consequences in the future. The final goal is the development of community-based programs that are authorized to expand and use information to create campaigns on disease prevention (Wild et al., 2004).

Alaska Medical Center of Diabetes also implements a strategic plan which is focused on prevention of the disease as well as raising public awareness about it. This involves the provision of information to school-age children concerning healthy life style. This is a very significant strategy since it allows young people to make informed choices about their lifestyle at the age when development of healthy habits is crucial. Further, there exists collaboration between partners in Alaska Chronic Disease and Health Promotion team and Alaska Diabetes Program. This collaboration allows designing, evaluating and implementing campaigns that encourage healthy life style through media targeting adult population. With this campaign in action adult population is able to get adequate knowledge on eating habits and general healthy lifestyle to remain in good health.

Alternatively, there are policy implementations countrywide that are aimed towards promoting healthy lifestyle preferences by Alaska State. There are also policies which require schools to introduce adequate physical training to their educational programs. Also, the biggest insurance firms in Alaska will promote the utilization of ADA (American Diabetes Association, 2005).

The Chronic Disease and Health Promotion team will devise plans to minimize health disparities associated to diabetes. It will also establish Medicaid and Madicare policies which will be reviewed yearly. The Medicaid will provide resources for necessary medical tests to people who are at jeopardy for diabetes. The plan also incorporates an increase in financial support to diabetes-associated research in the country.


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