Free «Common Medicines» Essay Sample

Common Medicines

1)Explain how common medicines are used to treat incontinence (two examples). Describe the therapeutic actions of your chosen drugs

The management of urinary incontinence involves the combination of behavioral techniques as well as use of medications. For instance, anti-cholinergic drugs are very popular in the management of urinary incontinence. Typical examples include tolterodine and trospium among others. Their therapeutic effects arise from the relaxing effect that they have on an overactive bladder.

2) Summarize two side effects of each of your chosen treatment and discuss the reasons why one of the side effects (for one drug only) may occur.

The two drugs basically have the same side effects of blurred vision, flushing and constipation. They may occur because the drugs are not selective for the destrusor muscle and thus, acts on muscles of the eye to cause blurred vision and on the intestinal muscles to cause constipation.

3) Explain the information that must be given to patient about your recommended medications and provide information to the patient to manage his condition effectively.

Anti-cholinergic drugs may cause fatality if over-dozed. Thus, patients must take precaution not to exceed the doctor’s prescription. Besides, the severity of the side effects increase with the relative increase in the dosage.


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