Free «Privatization of Health Insurance» Essay Sample

Privatization of Health Insurance

Medical field is undergoing changes with time. Medical advances are a result of treatment of more conditions, use of better diagnostic, effective drugs and other technological improvements. The demands of the changing population and costs of medical services put pressure on government health insurance leading to privatization of medical insurance.

Privatization of health insurance has many advantages over government health insurance plans. Firstly, private medical insurance provide speedy treatment. Perhaps this is the biggest benefit of private medical insurance (PMI). Clients receive prompt attention, unlike other insurances where they have to wait for weeks to get an appointment (Pilzer, 2007). This advantage is commonly exhibited on high cost treatments such as surgery. Secondly, patients with PMI can choose when to get treatment for less serious problems. This helps patients schedule visits to fit their work schedules, hence saving their time and nerves. Thirdly, unlike patients in the government health insurance, PMI patients can choose the hospital, consultant, or even surgeon to attend to them. Most public hospitals cannot keep up with the latest technological advances like private hospitals. Therefore, PMI sets up competitively high standard facilities, since it wants to ensure that many clients prefer them to other insurance plans.

Personal care remains another tremendous advantage of private insurance plans. Patients can spend as much time as they need interacting with consultant and get his/her full attention since the attendant feels no pressure of having to attend other patients (Carrin et al, 2009). The choice of varied policies lowers the cost an individual has to incur. Spread of some hospital-acquired infections (nosocomial), such as Methillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), reduces in privatized hospital care facilities, since patients do not need share bathrooms, toilets or other facilities. There is also minimal exposure to bacterial infection since there are no queues, unlike in common public and government facilities. PMI companies set up competitive market and hence, reduce cost for customers. For this reason, most private insurances cost less. Finally, patients under private health insurance can maintain a particular medical attendant or consultant without having to change.

In conclusion, private medical insurance will continue providing better services and remain a notch higher than government health insurance plans because of the advantages explained above. It offers an alternative.


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