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Noise is unwanted sound that unreasonably intrudes and disturbs daily lives. Noise is an inevitable nuisance in the current society. It originates from all sorts of ways. The increase in the density of residential areas and population and the commercialization of cities creates more traffic on the roads contributing to serious noise pollution. Noise cannot be controlled fully in any neighborhood in this modern life. Traffic on the roads, aircraft flying low, dogs barking at night, lawn mowers, and music emanating from ghetto are significant sources of the noises that pollute the neighborhoods. The increase in noise pollution can be attributed to the increase in rural-urban migration. Noise not only affects the quality of life, but evidence indicates that it also affects health. In particular, there is proof that it causes long-term cardiovascular impacts (Shon 2242). Therefore, the governments, through the local authorities, need to locate and maintain the areas known to be noise pollution free.

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The pubs and clubs, airport, fireworks, and barking dogs are other sources of noise within the neighborhood. There is a need to control noise in pubs and restaurants within the residential area. This can be done through the use of the sound sign acting as a warning whenever a certain sound frequency limit is exceeded (Edward 214). Bars and restaurants operating in residential communities need to be precisely aware of their noise levels, or risk of service with abatement notice or other penalties such as heavy fines. The Clean Neighborhoods and Environment Act (2005) grants powers to the local councils to deal with complaints of excessive noise from pubs and clubs. For instance, the noise is often linked directly to unacceptable social behaviors such as disorderly and violent conduct, which will need the police to be involved. In addition, local by-laws prohibit the use of loudspeakers for an advertisement within the residential areas. The council has the rights to prosecute any person making disturbing noises prior notice. In line to this, recreational noise has become a significant nuisance in most places. Indiscriminate use of fireworks, particularly during celebrations, has become a vital apprehension in many residential communities.

Noise can have serious adverse effects on the residents and human beings in general. On a short-term basis, noise can cause stress, the lack of concentration at work, and communication difficulties. On the other hand, on a long-term basis, noise can cause psychological disturbance and might even eventually lead to deafness. Several ways can be adopted to control noise. This includes adopting ways of controlling noise from the source, development of insulated buildings, and upholding and respecting the laws set on the control the noise resulting from traffic, barking dogs, pubs and restaurants, recreational activities, and finally noise resulting from fireworks.

In conclusion, controlling noise helps avoid both short-term and long-term health implications. It will also mean that the neighborhood will be a quiet and a pleasant place to reside. Local council should implement and follow up these laws. The use of natural topography can be the best shield to noise within a residential community. Since it is not easy to quantify the impact of noise on the residential areas, there can be other adverse effects, which can be dangerous. Therefore, limiting the noise within residential areas is necessary to avoid complications.


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