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The Future of Health Care

Healthcare can be termed as a process of diagnosing, treating and preventing injury, diseases and illnesses to the human beings in question. It is a deliverable from the medical practitioners, dentists, chiropractics and any other stake holder in administering the health care. The system of operation of health care services varies depending on the country. It is evident that there are so many factors that determine the level and the quality of healthcare services provided which includes: technological advancement, political stability of the country in question, population, the extent of research that is carried out, and the financial position of the citizens of the country. The future of the healthcare then is pegged on the rate of improvement of its key factors. The focus of the future of health care within a span of about five to ten years is affected by: technology, infrastructure, stability of the country, and financial sophistication of the people in question. The expectation is that health care system will increase its efficiency by about double.

The installed systems of health care are meant to meet the needs of the individuals or organizations that are immediate. Technology is a changing factor today and in five years from now it is expected that it will be far from today and the healthcare systems will have adopted it. It is evident that health technology is becoming more diversified from the concentration at points where it is given to even the hands of patients. Since future can be easily be predicted from the past, there has been attempts to reduce negotiation between doctors and their patients. Also in the event of chronic illnesses where the patient has to visit the hospital numerous times for check ups and counseling, it is observed that more money is wasted in transport and even time itself.

To counter this the gradual absorption of new means of communication, that is use of Iphones and even personal computers connected to the internet, doctors are holding conferences with their patients there and argue about their points of concern. This adoption of internet technology is installing flexibility in the way the health care services are offered. It shows in about five years to come, health care provides will just be offering their services just at the comfort of their homes(Ruiz, 2008).

Infrastructure rebuilding is another factor that can affect the quality of future health care systems. In the United States, there is a project to rebuild the infrastructure that had been built long time ago. Globally, there is a shift from public to private patient rooms where sophisticated services can be conveniently offered. There is also a continued advocating of installing critical measures to avoid any problem from arising in the hospital for example hospitals are being fixed with artificial lighting systems, backed with some other source of power in the event of electricity failure.

Political stability will ensure that health care blossoms in the whole world. The laws made by the government are the one that determine whether the health care system will advance or not. The contribution of the government to the health care system will therefore drive it forward as compared to the government being inactive about this issue. While the country is not stable, it is unable to pass laws that are constructive and therefore no development might take place in the region with political turmoil. It is therefore evident that for health care to blossom, the political environment must be friendly and favorable to growth(Shi, 2007).

Research is a key factor that fuels advancement in the services offered in the health care sector, the rise in research and extension of research to even in the academic institutions is expected to advance healthcare system to great height since the chronic diseases and incurable diseases will be brought into a finer control like the way HIV/AIDS has been done. It is therefore clear with a combination of advancement in technology, Infrastructural development; increase in peace, there will be a significant raise in the quality of the healthcare systems in the next say five to ten years.


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