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In the world, today, cell phones are one of the most used types of technology. Due to this usage, people are also highly concerned in case of any effects that would come up as a result of the use. Use of the cell phones first started with the developed nations, and the people who could afford to purchase, but now it seems that almost everyone is capable of owning one. Currently use of cell phones cut across all generations. Statistics in 2009 June showed that a population of 4.3bollion was using cell phones. The only left trend to compete for is to own the most current make, and one that has the feature of the current technologies.

Use of cell phones affects a big sphere of life, but one that brings out the biggest concern is the side of health. Cell phones use electromagnetic radiations that are in the microwave range hence they could be harmful to human health. What brings about the concern is the fact that the use of phones is in the ear, which is close to the brain that is a very sensitive and delicate part of the body. The argument of electromagnetic waves, however, is disputed through the research conducted. Another research on the amount of heat produced by a cell phone shows that it cannot cause cancer. These radiations can be measured through some measurement called specific absorption rate (SAR). This has shown that the heat produced is not enough to heat up DNA which when altered by heat causes cancer (Carlo, G and Schram, M. 2002). People in the 21st century expose very young children to the use of mobile phones. There is a danger in this exposure because the brain development of a child is not complete, and it is at a high risk of brain damage.

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Phones have not only become a problem in the side of physical health, but also psychological. It has become some habit that one cannot live without a phone-with a little break all people think about is the phones. While in the queues waiting for a service, or on a traffic jam phones are the only solace. Psychologists have a hard time because of lack of sleep while people are on the phones. Most people sleep beside their phones, and the danger here is that some have active vibration modes.

Beside the contraction on the health hazards caused by cell phones, social hazards cannot be debated about because it is very evident about the disasters cell phones have caused socially. The number of road accidents that have occurred due to use of cell phones while driving. Most of the authorities have got to a point of including policies in the use of cell phones. For example, a common policy is not using phones while driving or crossing the road. This transforms also to a health hazard because most of the people who survive such accidents have bad conditions to deal with health wise in the rest of their lives. Another social effect is seen in human relations that have developed to be very impersonal. Unlike in the past, where going to meet someone face to face was a priority or mandatory, currently the phones are meetings joints.

The relationship between the developed nations and the undeveloped is brought out clearly, and the best it can be like most of the cases are that of exploitation. The countries with technologies that are not well developed make counterfeit phones, and sell to the less developed nations who will easily buy them because they are cheap. Most of these phones are not well made and the users are exposed to the risk of using them. For example, a case was once reported of an overcharged battery exploding. The developed countries also give away at a cheap price the reject phones to the less developed nations. Phones could be laid on all these bad effects, but as well they have changed the technologies in a big way. Expenses that were used to travel from one place to another and time spent waiting are some of the problems that have found solutions. Business deals can be conducted, and agreements made on the phones.

With this big use, influence and the health debates in progress prevention measures have been heightened because as it is said prevention is better than cure. Bodies have been established to work with the companies dealing with the mobile phones to ensure that the makes of their phones poses the least or no risks to human beings. Example of the bodies here include Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that deals with limitation of radiation emission from cell phones and ensure adherence to safety measures governing radio frequency energy. Another body is FDA that deals with the regulation of the health issues that concern the use of mobile phones (Jacoby, Youngson and Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2004).

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Some small percentages of the people who use the phones do know of the associated risk while others lavish in ignorance. The solution to this is that the concerned bodies should sensitize the population about the risks in the use of cell phones especially health wise. With measures in place, the use of phones will be very efficient and effective. These measures should also be inclusive of the age that can use cell phones in order to cub the rate of allowing children to use the phones.


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